Better Way merge Excel Data to printable Customer Profile Publication

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Hello All,

Every year I have to take our customers' data from within Excel and create an intricate form with Publisher > Mail Merge.  I have to smush a bunch of tables into the file that is supposed to fit on one printed page, front and back.  It contains their names, addresses, family members, purchases, etc.  It's always been a matter of pride to make it look nice, as well as easy to read for our front desk employees and our customers.  However, the ongoing amount of time required to:

  • Make space for new/future data fields/tables
  • Make sure the merge fields fit properly
  • Fit in tables that only pertain to a small margin of our customers
  • Hand fill in cost/payment information instead of merging the costs

I know it's a tremendous waste of time and I'm sure there's a better way to do it.  I have absolutely no problem learning new skills (am happy to, actually), but I don't know where to start.  What program / plug-in / macros should I use if I want my final product to be:

  • printable form with merged data
  • looks professional
  • only prints the tables/fields needed (I guess like and 'if - then' / conditional table).

If some of the profiles are more than two pages, that's not a problem.  But having hundreds of files printing out at 3 to 7 pages is too wasteful.  

An example of one of the pages



Any advice is very appreciated!


Many Thanks!

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Make space for new/future data fields/tables?

Can you provide some raw data.and your expected result which maybe.helpful to visualize what kind of automation you want to achieve.

For example, if the customer adds additional people to their account, I would want to auto populate a new table that shows additional person(people) data = names, addresses, phone, email, vehicle, children, etc.

If the customer doesn't have additional people, I don't want those extra tables to be there. As it is now, I have to custom create extra forms for each extra person.

I'd also love to have it flag fields that are missing data, so that when the form prints, it makes a list of fields that need to be addressed.
I'm not familiar with this feature but I'll certainly check this out.