Edge painfully slow to load save file and download dialog box

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Hello having issues last few days with dialog box appearing super slow when saving images or any file.
No issues in Firefox or Chrome, cleared all my data, cookies, cache.


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Hi, what version of Edge are you in?
In which Windows build?
Maybe you just need to download the update?


I Also am having the same problems. Last few days i will click SAVE or click Save Image or Save File ect... on Microsoft edge and takes 10 seconds for the Box to open to ask where to save. I went to about and clicked update. It updated to the next version So now I am on 97.0.1072.69 and it is STILL doing it.

@icyred64 Hi

Alt+Shift+I please send feedback and include diagnostic data - directly to the Edge Team (if you add an address - you will receive a thank you for your contribution to the development of Edge)
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@Andrzej1  Already have. Just then started searching google to see if others had same issue and noticed others are having the EXACT Same issue and started at the EXACT Same time as me making it so i now know its not a problem on MY end but Microsoft.

I had the second last update from edge and it was doing the problem so I did an update to 97.0.1072.69 and its still doing the same problem. As for windows its up to date as well 22000.438.


I suggest you analyze the Edge extensions try uninstalling them to check it out. then you can reinstall

@icyred64 I was able to fix it by disabling malwarebytes extension. I would try disabling all your extensions then trying one by one which is causing it. Best of luck!

Thanks for your reply I got it sorted yesterday, it was malwarebytes extension with latest edge causing the issue!

@ratchetsup Interesting that you are posting this. I am having the exact same problem with image and program downloads. It started exactly yesterday. Right-clicking "Save As" (Desktop, Documents, whatever folder) results in a LONG delay of around 10 seconds. I have:

1) Scanned For Malware or Viruses.

2) Used SFC and CHKDSK with no errors reported.

3)Tried various options like restarting File Explorer as detailed here No success  https://windowsreport.com/file-explorer-slow-windows-10/ 

4) Threw in that towel and reset the PC (using Recovery option to keep files, folders, and settings) and reinstalled programs one by one STILL have the same problem. Checked my SSD drive and no bad clusters.   

5) This occurred in both EDGE and Google Chrome.  Any forthcoming solutions appreciated.

Mine does this also, just started after a recent update.  Sometimes up to 30 seconds to display the 'file save as' dialog box. Edge only, no issues with other apps.

Hey folks! Thanks for reporting back what was causing this for you. It sounds like folks hitting this all have the Malwarebytes extension enabled. If you don't have that extension, check for any other antivirus extensions that may be contributing here. If anyone's running into this even after disabling extensions, please let me know! Otherwise, it might be worth reaching out to the developer to let them know the extension isn't behaving as expected.


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I've confirmed that Malwarebytes Browser Guard is the cause of the slowdown in saving files.  I had about 20 seconds delay after choosing "Save Link As" or "Save Image As" (in both Edge and Chrome browsers) before the download dialog box appeared.

I removed Malwarebytes Browser Guard from Chrome and the slowdown was gone. The download dialog box appeared in less than one second.

I downloaded a fresh install of Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Chrome and the slowdown was back. I tried pausing Malwarebytes Browser Guard on a web site and the slowdown was still there.
I've opened a support ticked with Malwarebytes describing what I've found.
I am impressed with Malwarebytes support. I received a response to my support ticket in less than 12 hours with fix. The fix worked for me. I've copied the response from Malwarebytes below.
Julia (Support)
Jan 25, 2022, 5:23 PST

Hello kakselsen and welcome to the Malwarebytes Consumer Helpdesk. My name is Julia and I'll be assisting you today with your request for assistance ( ticket number 3721972)

Our apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. A hotfix was released to resolve this issue, please update Malwarebytes Browser Guard:

Open Malwarebytes Browser Guard icon in Chrome
Click the 3 vertical dots in Malwarebytes Browser Guard
Select 'Support'
Click 'Check for Updates'

Note: If you do not see the Blue M at the upper right of the browser then click on the puzzle looking icon and look for Malwarebytes BrowserGuard in the menu that opens - click on the pin symbol to move the Browser Guard to be visible at all times.
I DO NOT have Malwarbytes installed, never have - this is NOT my issue
Are you by chance using another antivirus extension that might be interacting with the browser in the same way as MBAM Browser Guard?


Yes, of course, but if the problem occurs in other browsers, the scale of the error is large and may affect many users - not everyone sees this discussion.
The slowdown is often due to an unfinished Windows update , it is simply necessary to restart the computer.
Do you have any other ideas to fix it?

Thanks for this, worked great after updating with those instructions!

Hi @Alexandra-R, I've exactly the same issue.

I'm using version 99.0.1150.39 with no extensions at all and when pressing the download option (it happened also when downloading from an on-prem web applications) it takes between 5-10 seconds untill I can see the download startes in the browser and I'm talking about really small files - up to 100K.

The weird thing is that it doesn't happend to all of the org users.

Trying cleadning the browsing data  or using in private mode didn't help.