The chat history is gone.

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My chat history with bing is gone, but I didn’t delete them, what's going on?

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@NoteDance - sorry no help to offer here. Just chiming in to say, "Me too." I'd like an answer to this, there was some important stuff in there. Had I known it would disappear, I would have saved it in a document. 

Hi @NoteDance and @xoecraft, is the feature completely gone or did the contents of your chat history get deleted? Also, chat history is a feature currently only available when signed in with a personal (Microsoft) account. If you are logged in to Copilot with your work (Entra ID) accounts, chat history is not available.

@Eric_VanAelstyn  Aha! I was signed in through work at the time. Thanks!

Hi, @Eric_VanAelstyn, I use a personal account, and the content of the chat history was deleted.
Hi @NoteDance, was the content of your chat history gone after you had not used Copilot for a long amount of time? There is a limit to how long history is maintained in the feature after it is added so you may see some of that history removed over time. Or did everything disappear at once without a gap in usage? That might be a bug. And have you experienced this behavior since? Thanks for any details you can provide!

Hi @Eric_VanAelstyn, my chat history disappeared at once. So far, I have not experienced the same behavior.

Thank you @NoteDance. We're sorry to hear your chat history content disappeared. If it happens again, we'd kindly request that you file Feedback using the button in the bottom right of the screen in case it is a bug that needs to be addressed.
@Eric_VanAelstyn Thank you for your answer.

Hi @Eric_VanAelstyn 

I got a similar issue where the first time, the name of the chat was still there, but the content went blank. After I refreshed the page the chat totally disappeared from the history. Does that indicate the chat exceeded the time limit for it to be maintained/stored? If so, is it removed from the history but can still be recovered or is it totally deleted from the Copilot (Microsoft) server and cannot be recovered?

If using Copilot in Edge (as Web) then Chat history are not saved anywhere. Microsoft doesn't provide tools for IT admins to access chat history, nor do they retain chat history in Copilot when used with commercial data protection.

If using Copilot in Edge (as Work) then should see chat history;




Hi! The chat was saved when I used the Copilot preview a few months ago. After I logged back into the Copilot, the chat name still appeared in the history, but the content was gone. After I refreshed the page the whole chat disappeared from the chat history (I even cannot see the chat name).

@NoteDanceI have had this issue too, I have had to, make sure I am logged in, then fully refresh my page CTRL + SHFT + R. This has done it for me in the past sometimes.