Copilot Not working in PowerPoint

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[Update] Same issue happened in Word.


I'm asking Copilot to suggest me an opening for a deck but fails.

My deck is written by traditional Chinese so I understand it might not able to read it.

But when I ask it a general response, it still fails. (But the same prompt can work in Chat)

Is the computing resource not sufficient for PowerPoint? Our team is eager to test Copilot for Powerpoint, but it ofen (always) fails to generate response. Thanks!



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I have the same issue. In PowerPoint, all prompts generate the answer: "Something went wrong. Please try again in a moment.



Having the same thing. No matter what prompt it will not work.

@Evelyn_Tang - same issue.  It works (somewhat) in Word.  I can't even get the Copilot option in Outlook.


Very finicky.  

same issue for me :sad:

Its same
Same issue in my french version. (Repported)

@ame issue here still, worked once in the last 3 days, not great. 


It works in Outlook, however only when I'm sending from the account with the CoPilot Pro license, it doesn't show when sending from other domains.

I can get it working using PowerPoint online. Not a solution but workaround for now. Clearly there are issues with the local office apps.


Evelyn, I am reaching out again to report additional critical issues I am facing with the Copilot functionality in my Microsoft 365 Personal subscription. Alongside the previously mentioned concerns, I am encountering significant problems in PowerPoint, which are severely impacting my productivity and overall user experience.

In PowerPoint, the Copilot feature consistently (and without exception) fails to generate a response whenever I attempt to use it. This persistent failure is hampering my ability to leverage the tool for creating and enhancing presentations, a key functionality I anticipated when subscribing to the service.

Moreover, a crucial feature that I expected to use - generating a PowerPoint presentation directly from a Word document - is completely non-functional. This lack of integration and the inability of Copilot to effectively communicate between Word and PowerPoint is proving to be a major setback.

These issues, combined with the absence of Copilot in Outlook, are making my experience with the service increasingly challenging. Considering the cost of the Copilot subscription for Microsoft 365 Personal, these persistent problems are not just frustrating; they are also leading to a sense of dissatisfaction with the service I have invested in.

The seamless integration and efficiency promised by Copilot were key factors in my decision to subscribe. However, the reality of these technical issues is far from what was anticipated. I am seeking immediate assistance and a resolution to these problems. I would appreciate a prompt response with guidance on how to address these issues or information on any upcoming updates that might resolve them.

Microsoft 365 support in this matter is crucial for me to utilize the full potential of my Copilot subscription and to justify the investment made in this service.
Did anyone get this issue fixed until now? We are facing the same issues with the local office instances and Copilot for Microsoft 365

@Gottfried Jocham I was experiencing that issue after Copilot working fine, tried reboot and other things.

I finally fixed mine by logging out of application and then logging back in.

Copilot for the desktop apps is not working for me today, it was working "fine" before.

Now Copilot will get to work but then reply that it wasn't able to fulfill my request no matter how basic the request. German version.

Copilot works as expected online, so seems to be an issue specific to the desktop apps.

Also one of the buttons disappeared (guide book) and there is a mix of German and English in the UI.

Things I tried:
Logging off and on. Turning laptop off and on again. ;)

The bug remains.

Please check, if both mentioned scheduled tasks at are not blocked and can be executed successfully. These seem to be required upon initial usage of copilot within office clients.


Thank you for your reply. The documentation you mention does not show where I would be able to check this.
The screenshot is cut off. So for a regular user it is quite impossible to follow these steps. :grinning_face_with_sweat:


I see...
both tasks can be found in the "Microsoft > Office" Task Scheduler Library folders
Thank you for clarifying. I checked and both tasks are not blocked and show "ready". They last ran today so that doesn't seem to be the issue.

I had the same Problem, in my case the problem was an Group Policy.
ADMX Office2016
Microsoft Office 2016/privacy/Trust Center:
These 3 settings are disabled before:
Allow the use of connected experiences in Office that analyze content: enable
Allow the use of connected experiences in Office that download online content: enable
Allow the use of additional optional connected experiences in Office: enable

After enabling this 3 settings Copilot in PowerPoint working as designed.