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Now that UserVoice is "Culled"  without so much as an announcement >>> MS's UserVoice News Conference LOL <<< and even less of an explanation regarding what this claimed "1st party solution" is and/or where to find it, I assume that this is presently the only avenue (other than to Spam the M365 support request 1st lines, which is coming if an apt alternative with similar functionality to UserVoice is not forthcoming) to raise issues with MS regarding product functionality/bugs/etc.


To that end..... 


In the updated 365 Admin Interface (not limited to my specific issue, similar reports exist for Azure/Teams/etc. admin interfaces on still active user voice pages), there is an obvious and highly irritating display issue for Adding/Removing Members from the "Members List" of Distribution Groups and Office 365 Groups.....strangely this issue (in the same interface) is not present for Shared Mailbox Members lists.


The issue......

The Members Lists are no longer displayed in a drop down list, with check boxes preceding each entry, instead now members are clumped together in what can be best described as a single text box, further compounded by the fact that this clump of members is NOT in Alphabetical Order. So if you have anything more than 20 users in the clump, your eyes have to scan every entry carefully to find the required user to remove, then hit an X mark suffix to their name to remove membership. Ridiculous and irritating user experience is putting it politely, make no mistake.


First and foremost, this needs fixing as a bare minimum to render the O365G and DG Member's lists like the Shared Mailbox Members list is currently rendered (Capture1).


Then, as reported by many other users in UserVoice forums for Azure AD/Teams/365 Admin/etc. (all MS365 ecosystem members lists), the options to filter by A-Z, Z-A, and other rudimentary list manipulation techniques must be implemented to aid the efficiency of Admin's to do their jobs. Forcing a UI that enforces an Admin to spend x3 the amount of time it should take to achieve this type of basic task is NOT ACCEPTABLE!



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It's a crappy experience, no other way of putting it. Use the feedback button on the bottom of the admin portal page to leave your thoughts on the matter.
Highlighted to the responsible people to see if some action can be taken...

Why the Group Membership UI in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center Sucks Dirty Canal Water

The Microsoft 365 admin center UI to manage group memberships might look pretty, but it’s not as functional as it could or should be, especially for large groups. The lack of search, sorting, and filtering capabilities is OK when a group has fewer than 50 members, but once past that number these features matter. It’s time for some TLC for group management.

@George McDonald 


I have contacted Microsoft innumerable times about being able to sort data listed in a column everywhere in the Office Admin console.  I find it one of the most frustrating things.