What is the domain "nrb.footprintdns.com"??

Tobey Davies

What is the domain "nrb.footprintdns.com"??

Hello Everyone


From 3/2/2018, when I access my SharePoint site the following certificate site? is displayed.


And request me to type account and pw.. Although I entered my PW I cant access my sharepoint site. I want to know why? And how can I access my site.


So I want to ask the following questions:


1.When I access the above URL Office 365 sign in page is appeared what is the relationship between Microsoft?


2.Since today Microsoft is beginning to use the [nrb.footprintdns.com] domain?


3. What is the purpose that Microsoft use the [nrb.footprintdns.com]?


4. I googled and I found the following site. And I can also search the domain [37CFD84CE79EF6104C98E018AE6ABD10.nrb.footprintdns.com] in there.


I really don’t understand why microsoft use the thteats? Site for what purpose DNS?

I did not have this situation previous to 3/2/2018.


Can anyone tell me how to resolve this situation..

 I do not have any certificate knowledge so I will very appreciate if anyone can tell me the reason simply.




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Re: What is the domain "nrb.footprintdns.com"??

Sorry, but I'm not following you here: when is that Url displayed?

Re: What is the domain "nrb.footprintdns.com"??

Can someone explain the purpose of *.footprintdns.com domains? To be specific what *.nrb.footprintdns.com does? Something weird about this domain.

Re: What is the domain "nrb.footprintdns.com"??

I'm also seeing network traffic for this domain and it seems to be loading a 1px .gif image to the page. 

The problem here is that the image takes multiple seconds to be loaded!

Re: What is the domain "nrb.footprintdns.com"??

Why is there no response from Microsoft on this?


This domain is blocked by my adblocker under the category "Spyware filter" though it is clearly owned by Microsoft. 


We need an official explanation of what this is doing. Most importantly, we need to understand why this is not listed in the official URL list for Office 365.


We also need to know the impact of this domain being blocked which is clearly is being by some security tools.

Re: What is the domain "nrb.footprintdns.com"??

Fiddler to my sharepoint site displays this: The server (0d255cb7441615dbb825de4d81cddac7.nrb.footprintdns.com) presented a certificate that did not validate, because it was issued to a different host.

Re: What is the domain "nrb.footprintdns.com"??

Well since Microsoft have declined to respond. I recommend that everyone just blocks access to the domain.

Re: What is the domain "nrb.footprintdns.com"??

I want to report that I have seen this as well.  I have multiple kiosk computers with traffic going to these *.nrb.footprintdns.com sites.  All we are doing is logging into Office 365 and using Outlook Online and Online Office Apps on these kiosks.  I have them locked down from browsing any websites except approved.  Can someone please find out why Microsoft is directing traffic to these sites?  They are not listed in the official Office365 URL list.



Attempts to visit blocked websites (2)




Re: What is the domain "nrb.footprintdns.com"??

Any progress with knowing what this URL - nrb.footprintdns.com is for? Detecting it from user using o365 services. 

Re: What is the domain "nrb.footprintdns.com"??

No, nobody from Microsoft has bothered to reply. I strongly recommend blocking the domain. I can't find anything it impacts.
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