New web parts for your modern communications in SharePoint Online

John Sanders

The SharePoint team is excited to announce we're adding three new web parts to the toolbox when creating team news articles and modern pages:

  1. Image gallery
  2. Bing maps
  3. Quick charts

These new web parts are rolling out to First Release customers now


  • Note: only tenants that have First Release (FR) set to on for the entire tenant will see these features.
  • Per user first release flighting is not applicable when creating new content that could be seen/viewed by non FR enabled users.


What are modern pages you ask?

“Modern team site pages are fast, easy to author and support rich multimedia content. And pages look great on any device, in a browser or from within the SharePoint app. Using pages is a great way to communicate and share your ideas—such as status and trip reports, how-to write-ups, know-before-you-go guides and frequently asked questions.” - from our blog post last year.


Image gallery

The Image gallery web part lets you share collections of pictures on a page. Simply select your images with the file picker, or drag them on to the web part. Once you’ve built your collection, you can reorder them with drag and drop as well.


We support two beautiful layouts today:


  1. Tiles layout


Tiles_mobile.pngTiles view on a mobile phone

Larger screens

Tiles_Large.pngTiles view on a larger screen

  1. Carousel layout


Carousel_mobile.pngCarousel view on mobile

Larger screens

Carousel_Large.pngImage gallery on a larger screen

You can also add additional information about each image such as:

  • Image title
  • Image description
  • Alternative text

Looking forward, we will be listening to customer feedback and adding more layouts and features that highlight your images beautifully on pages.

Bing maps

This web part makes it easy to add a map to your page. Simply enter an address or a well-known location name, and your map dynamically appears.


If you want to pick a different map type, you can of course do that... as well as change the zoom level, label your map pin with a friendly name, etc.



bing_map_yosemite_mobile.pngBing map on mobile

Larger screens



Depending upon your location, Bing maps may not support some map styles (e.g. Streetside view isn't available everywhere).

Quick charts

The Quick chart web part allows you to easily visualize simple data on your page. Enter your data points with labels, pick your chart type, and publish.


We support two chart types today:

  1. Column


quickchart_column_mobile.pngColumn chart on mobile

Larger screens

quickchart_column.pngColumn chart on larger screens

  1. Pie


quickchart_pie_mobile2.pngPie chart on mobile

Larger screens

 quickchart_pie2.pngPie chart on a large screen


We have a lot more web parts in the works, some of which you can see highlighted in this session “Discover the new SharePoint content publishing experiences” (link jumps right to web part section); from #MSIgnite.


As always, let us know what you think, and where we should invest more time.



The SharePoint Team

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No if only they could add Search Parts, and pdate the Content Part to include Lists, we would almost be in a position to use Modern Sites.

Can't wait to find out tomorrow morning if we're in the 10% group (we're usually not :( ).

I've been waiting for a gallery web part ever since the future of sharepoint announcement! :)

Is this a upload-only web part, or can a create I "collection" of photos out of an existing image/document library?


Also it would be awesome if you could improve PDF support in your existing web parts. We have a lot of blurred PDF previews with the Quick Links webpart and the document webpart doesn't support PDFs, which it should (since you could enable office web apps server to view pdfs with office online in sharepoint 2013 back then ;) )

As always, let us know what you think, and where we should invest more time.


Search query and results web parts is an absolute must.


Would love to see the Script Editor Web Part come back, I know the dev team is doing their SPFx thing, but there are too many simple use cases that the SEWP solves that SPFX overcomplicates.

@Ivan Unger You can select images from your site or upload them. We don't at the moment have a way to point at a folder or list and say "use these images" as a gallery, but it's one of the ideas in our backlog for potential v.next next implementations.


We have on our backlog to enable PDFs in the document web part, but it isn't something we're actively working on.


Thanks for the feedback.

@John Sanders wrote:

@Ivan Unger You can select images from your site or upload them. We don't at the moment have a way to point at a folder or list and say "use these images" as a gallery, but it's one of the ideas in our backlog for potential v.next next implementations.



Where do the uploaded images actually "go"?


All the manual work of curating the images seems like it would be easily addressed by having the "point at a folder", then leverage SharePoint library for content management (which is quite a novel idea if I do say so myself :smileytongue:).  So hopefully that comes sooner rather than later. 

@Brent Ellis while it's certainly powerful to enable pointing image gallery at a library or list, is also complicates the simple scenario of "I want to throw the five pictures I took during the trip into my trip report" scenario. That's the kind of scenario we initially optimized for.


We create a folder in the site assets library for each instance of image gallery, per page.


I totally see the value of the list & library scenario; we just wanted to keep it simple initially for easy content creation.



@Scott Mckenzie - When you say "No if only they could add Search Parts", we have highlighted content today which is essentially the first iteration of content by search / content by query (CBx) for modern pages, using the SharePOint Framework (SPFx).


We do have on the backlog for it to also support filtering by content in a partiuclar list.


I understand it doesn't do all the myriad of things you could with the previous CBx web parts on classic pages. Do you have a PRI list of things you want after lists?



@Brent Ellis - One of the notitions behind creating the sharepoint framework (SPFx) was to eliminate the need for the script editor web part. We understand that as of now, since you could litterally do anything you wanted in the SEWP, we don't yet enable "anything".


We'd however love to understand the scenarios you used to be able to easily solve in the SEWP that you refer to "...too many simple use cases that the SEWP solves that SPFX overcomplicates."

Highlighted content doesn't match the functionality necessary to have display templates and content from across multiple site collections. We've got content tagged all over the place that can be correlated and shown on specific team sites.

It's ok maybe to replace content search, but not the full fledged search results web part
Simple one: I want to create a custom html based button that does something while hovering. About 1 line of html and 3 lines of css, but with spfx it turns into hundreds of lines, multiple files, all kinds of "builds" and tools
Baby steps. The "Highlighted Content" web part is owned by the search team, and this is the first of its kind from a SharePoint Framework pov, aka, it looks great in News/pages, is easy for end users to use, and works on mobile without custom dev when using. More to come in the future, and thanks for the feedback.

@John Sanders 

Cool, thanks for the input. As guessed, we're not in the 10% :P Is there anyway to get into that group or do you randomly select 10% every time for each rollout?


Some additonal input on the document webpart. Right now you can't easly show Office documents with the document webpart when the document is in a document set. The documents might show up on recently used, but browsing a document library (with the document webpart) with document sets shows nothing at the moment.

Got nothing yet, will there be any support for columns and/or tables. In it´s current state you give away a lot of useful space

@Ivan Unger - Thanks for the tip on document sets not showing up in the file picker to select; we'll take a look at that.

Will any of the "stanard" SP features come to these pages? Lists, libraries, etc.. When I watch the videos they have so many options, but we don't have them. 


It has been a bit disruptful that all our sites "Add New Page" send folks to this new modern but limited experience. We have been scrambling to let them know to go to Pages and use the Wiki page option.


Looks great on the mobile, but that massive header kills the "above the fold" design/usability patterns on our laptops. IMHO  


I realize this is a new feature and this is the way of the cloud and it will all get better. </whining>

Yes. We are actively working on supportting multi-column sections as well as adding tables support in Modern Pages. Please stay tuned...

Great stuff. Trying these out today. Quick Charts especially useful to me.

Oh, I got one more wish for a new webpart: People Picker WebPart.

Possibly similiar to the quick links webpart. Pick one or multiple people from the people picker, and display them as contact cards/tiles. Pull in the image, job description and department and of course link that card to their Delve Profile.

@Ivan - you'll be pleased to know, we're working on a simple people experience right now 😄

Thanks, I would have been surprised if you weren't ;)

I'm expecting iterative additions to modern pages anyway :P We all know people are eagerly awating all updates on this topic ever since "the future of sharepoint" event :)

Cool stuff :)


Any idea when we will be able to white list domains for Group sites, so we can embed maps/graphs etc. from other vendors? Bing is white listed by default, and Group sites does not allow white listing like Team sites does.

Probably not the first web parts my users have been asking for, but it's definitely nice to see some progress.


BTW - is there a documented way to get one of these new Modern Pages to be the home page for a Team Site where a web part or wiki page is the current default?  The "make homepage" ribbon control doesn't show up on Modern Pages.

Not documented, but you have to go to the actual library of pages to set it as homepage, instead of doing it when you are actually on the page. (Its talked about somewhere in this community, but heaven help me if I can find it again...)
I call out how in my initial post about modern site from SP home; Check it ☺ : "Create connected SharePoint Online team sites in seconds" [11/7/2016]: https://blogs.office.com/2016/11/08/create-connected-sharepoint-online-team-sites-in-seconds/
@Kevin you can use the ... on the "new homepage" from the Site Pages library, assuming you have the correct permissions. The user needs "Manage Web Permissions".

On most of my sites, I have permission and can pick a new page and make it the homepage... but on one of our test sites, I don't see that option in the library. I don't have the right permissions.

Thanks all for the replies.


This missing piece for us as of this moment is that we still have Classic set as the default experience (this will be changing soon), so we don't see the "..." control that was referenced because our Site Pages libraries are still in Classic mode. I guess we could enable modern in each particular library today, though as I said we'll be flipping the master switch soon.

Same for me, except I am using Script Editor Web Parts to hide information based on the users SP Group.

Would love to see a new Calendar Web Part that lets you color code by category without creating multiple views and overlays! The SP Calendars really need some TLC!!! I hate having to consider 3rd party apps like Virto-Calendar to make SharePoint Calendars functional!

@John it is more the requirement to see content by Custom List Type. Although you have content by Issue / Task etc, these are not Modern List friendly at the moment and, I don't want users flopping between the different views on Modern / Old.


We make extensive use of Custom Lists and this would be of particular use. Also, If there could be some way of seeing CDM Content within that web part as well, that would also be very useful as, we are starting to transition some of our content from lists into CDM and using Flow and PowerApps.

@Scott Mckenzie - Thanks for the clarification. Can you expand on what you'd want to see related to common data model service (CDM) content? Is it only using Flow & PowerApps, or data layer access? 


If you imaging a Flow or PowerApp webpart (since we have them in our backlog as ideas); what would you expect it to do?


@John Sanders the Common Data Service Data Layer would be the useful part. We have already started using PowerApps and Flow to recreate a new CRM System in house. We do not want to give access to multiple users therefore, the Data Layer exposed within the Content Query whereby we could display latest entries to the app would be ideal.


We were trying to utilize PowerBI to show the CDM however, the service has not reached Canada as yet like so many other O365 offerings / updates.

Hi @Scott Mckenzie, to clarify, you want to show some of the entries from a table from CDS in SharePoint using a web part? Is that accurate? This is something we have in long-term plans, but no timelines at the moment.


We also wouldn't do any user permission translations, but I guess that is ok by you? I'm guessing the users viewing the web part would have the permisisons to see the data in question, but maybe not to navigate to the Common Data Service pages directly.


So at the moment, your option would be to build a custom web part that uses CDS APIs to query and display the data, and hopefully longer term, we could do it with an out of box web part that lets you pick a table and add some filters to it, similar to what you can do with a SharePoint list.

@Kerem Yuceturk thanks for reply. It would be to show certain entries from CDS Fields. In repspect of permissions, we would be giving access to users based on O365 Groups so translations would not be an issue.


Can the CDS API's currentl by used as an External Data Source within SP Online?

Suggestion: A calendar in which you can make suggestions of différents dates for the meeting that would be great !

Known and the team is working on it. FYI, @Jeremy Kelley (SHAREPOINT)

@Sylvain Jacquemard - Thanks for the suggestion.


I don't know that we'll try to do consensus based scheduling within sharepoint; that's something our Outlook team is much better at.


Check out FindTime for Office 365, using Outlook.


I also just learned of a new Preview we made available in December, called Calendar.Help that uses Cortana to find the best times between users.

You guys are absolutely killing it with the new web parts that have come out (on top of those mentioned above, the links web part was a nice surprise and the PowerBI web part fills a HUUUUGE gap).


We really need the ability to filter the Highlighted Content Web Part by list or library (or even folder for that matter).  We all use Sharepoint so differently and many of us slice and dice data in different ways that we need as much flexibility in surfacing it as possible.  Many times we just use lists or libraries as data dumps and then use it to surface data in some other way.  That's the beauty of SP, the ability to be creative with it.  

Thanks @Clint. Glad they're working out for you.

We have both of your suggestions (filter by list or libraries and by folder) tracked in our Highlighhted content backlog. Thank you.

Hi @John Sanders,

can you comment on the current news headlines webpart, specifically if you plan to expand the properties to include news pages from subsites, or/and if you have different ideas, like global sharepoint news (identical to the News tab on iOS)?

@Ivan Unger - We have a deep backlog of ideas and plans around News all up. @Alina Skarbovsky is the expert on all things News.

Image gallery: will this beauty ever get to on prem in any PU/CU for SharePoint 2013? :)

FYI, just saw a demo of what the team is building for multi-column, and when available, I think you'll like what it brings to your layout options - many choices, and easy to back out of layouts as you try and apply them; will work for existing one-column pages, and new ones you create. Keep creating News and we'll try to keep up with how you want to broadcast your message :-).
Very excited about this! I watched your collab 365 interview the other day and I think this and the Communication sites you mentioned will be what enables us to start porting things from the old style to new!
Great feedback, Uzma. Nothing to share right now, but certainly the team is working on what comes next to on-prem; and know that we have new ship vehicles for on-prem call "Feature Packs" - we shipped our first FP1 for SP2016 not too long ago... Thx, Mark.

I see the quick chart webpart is more of static data. Is that can be made dynamic by pulling the live data from SP List?

Sadly the new list view web part no longer filters with a view like it should. It was working until sometime last week I believe.

This would be great. I think right now you can only achieve this with the PowerBI webpart, which also requires each user to have a PowerBI license to view the data. Please correct me if i'm wrong. 



I am working right now with the new version of Sharepoint and I need to organize a page for the company. I've created a new Task List page, where I've added a lot of tasks and I've also added them to the Timeline.

I know that on the older version of Sharepoint Team Site pages, you could display that Timeline in the Home Page of the site but now I can't find a way to do it. I feel like I'm loosing my mind trying to put that Task List's Timeline into the homepage.

Can someone please help with some ideas?


I'm talking about this timeline:

PS: I'm also having problems because I can't change the logo of the Sharepoint Team Site