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Good morning all,


We have been using SDS to automatically sync the change beteween PowerSchool (our SIS) and Classroom. We have 65 Student errors that say:


Cannot export the current entry to Azure Active Directory because this type of change is not suppor

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Hello, haven't had time to dive into this question but I wanted to share something I came across just yesterday despite having used SDS for almost a year now.  https://support.office.com/en-us/article/School-Data-Sync-errors-and-troubleshooting-1b8762e4-a2dc-4b80-81e8-f481b4ad6ce5?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US

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Zac- This is a student or teacher add error. This means that the identity matching options failed to make a match (assuming you picked the "sync existing users" option an... Read More
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I have not got into this part yet as we are still just looking, but this sounds like an error where the username already has the property. How many students were successf

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Hello peeps,


I'm running into a problem I haven't seen before.


We have students enrolled at more than one school concurrently. Until this week, it hasn't been a problem for SDS, it would throw errors but work through them and add all students to the appro

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One other note- the fix I mentioned above went live Tuesday afternoon. If you did your sync before the update went live, it is possible that if you try again, it might wo... Read More


This should be working.  There was actually a fix this week to allow your scenario without returning the errors.  Do you recall who you worked with to deploy SDS?  I

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I have a student who is enrolled in a section in PowerSchool and the section doesn't show in SDS. I do have a few student enrollment errors but they don't provide me with a student identifier for me to verify if that is the problem. The section the s

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Hey Zac-

This one is outside my expertise, but we have a tech support resource for  you that I think can help.  Put your question on https://edu.uservoice.com/.  If you c

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I made the mistake earlier on of clicking the "Refresh Sync" button - this had an effect very different from what I understood it to be. (This has since been renamed to "Reset Sync"). As a result, I now have students who have changed classes now listed in... Read More
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We have a script on our GitHub repository called Remove-All_Section_Memberships.ps1. That will remove all memberships for SDS created groups. https://github.com/OfficeDev/O365-EDU-Tools Read More
Thanks for calling this out John. We are looking for a better way to describe and direct how to use "Sync reset". Conversation like this on this forum are very valuable t... Read More
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Our school is trying out Microsoft Classroom.  I successfuly ran School Data Sync which imported, verified, and synced our CSV files.  But none of the sync'd data appears in our Office 365 or Classroom accounts, they remain blank except for a few users we

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Thanks for using SDS and Classroom, and welcome to the forum!

I will assume your tenant is an Office 365 Education tenant and is not a trial tenant.  (Otherwise you proba

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I am an App partner, trying to offer 1)SSO and 2)call APIs to retrieve school, student, teacher, class, and enrollment data.  Ideally, we would like a district administrator to grant our app permission ONCE by accepting the consent framework, then have ou

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Thank you for your question. Azure AD 1.0 is the shipping, supported version we recommend you use for your applications if it will do what you need. Azure AD 2.0 is in pr... Read More



We have an error on SDS repeating multiple times.

  • the EntryType is ”SchoolStudents”
  • the ErrorCode is AzureActiveDirectoryResourceSizeExceeded” and
  • the ErrorMessage is ”The size of the object has exceeded its limit. Please reduce the number of values and
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Apologies for the delayed response. I set up this community in anticipation of our launch this week, and did a poor job checking it since I had not promoted it yet. I wil... Read More

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the new Microsoft Tech Community focused on Microsoft School Data Sync.

We are excited to announce that School Data Sync (SDS), our online classroom automation solution, is moving from preview to general availability!  SDS h

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New on Office Blogs today: Back to school with Microsoft Classroom and School Data Sync.


It’s back-to-school time in the U.S. and many other countries, and we’re excited to invite you to the Microsoft Classroom Preview and the School Data Sync (SDS) Pre

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We have played around with OneNote Classroom with and LMS integration and weren't able to use all aspects like grading because we sync our SIS with our LMS and OneNote Cl

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