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I am confused as to what typically goes in the "To Do" list. Since it comes pre-installed, I think it has a special purpose as opposed to the other lists. I set up the other lists of to do items but what do I put in the "To Do" list. All the lists are to

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Hi Edward,


To expand on Salvatore's answer, which is correct, the To-Do list is there by default because users have a default folder (or list) in their Exchange Tasks m

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The To-Do list is automatically synchronized (bi-directionally) with the Outlook Tasks.

It seems to me that with the roll out of of To-Do, Outlook tasks are redundant in both function and terminology. 


Functionality Problem

I understand that there are some advanced functions missing from To-do when compared to Wonderlist and Outlook Tasks. Th

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Hi Rory,


Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and describing your perspective regarding the Outlook / To-Do connection. We really appreciate it :)


We are

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I have someone who gets the error below when trying to open To-Do.  We have a number of people who are using it successfully.ToDoError.JPG

This particular person still has an OnPrem mailbox.  Is it a requirement for ToDo that the mailbox be online?  I would understand

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Hi Adrian, glad to hear from you. 

You are correct: To-Do requires an EOL mailbox to store and sync tasks. 

I am sure I have read it in an official document, but I cannot f

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Best Response confirmed by Adrian Hyde (Frequent Contributor)

The message around ToDo availability is very confusing, could anyone explain what's actually going to change ?




So firstly, it's generally availability has started, but then immediately that's in no less than 30 days.


The Preview is almost over in the fir

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Hi Steven,


Thanks for the post and for letting us know there is confusion regarding this announcement.


The intention was to alert admins that licenses have been added

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This question might be more about what device To-Do is actually intended for, but now that I have To-Do available as a web app, I'm left wondering what I'm to do with it, particularly with the absence of reminders/notifications. I don't see a Flow trigger

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Hi Matt,


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and questions! I'll begin by saying we do not envision an 'ideal device' for To-Do. We aim to provide a solid and familiar (i.

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Best Response confirmed by Matt Coats (Regular Contributor)

As an advocate for the Microsoft ToDo and Wunderlist apps, I am anxious to see what is coming next. I recognize that the first version of ToDo is the start. There are a few things that will definitely take it for a good app to a great one. I am sure those

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If Microsoft is going to do that, then they need to hide all those features under an "Advanced" view, or something similar. 


Question:  Why do so few people use

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I am anxoius as well only because I have used Wunderlist for 5 years and rely on it heavily. I use it at leace once every 1-2 hours I am awake. I checked out Microsoft's

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To-Do still shows as "Preview". When will this become GA?
Hey Neal, Sorry that we've been a little quiet. You can keep up-to-date with what's planned over on our UserVoice here—https://todo.uservoice.com/forums/597175-feature-suggestions... Read More

I fully share the opinion of Neal Rowland: Microsoft To-Do needs many additional functions to be implemented. If there is a task reminder, I can only decide to have me re

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If you're already able to sign in to our app on Windows, Android and iOS with your O365 account then we're pleased to let you know that there's now one more way to access our Microsoft To-Do Preview—via our webapp to-do.microsoft.com.

twitter all devices (1).jpg

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Now that To-Do is nearing GA, I can sign in to the mobile app with my AAD account as well.  The problem is that data in the web app and the mobile app isn’t in sync.  (So

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Good news! We've opened up Microsoft To-Do Preview for EDU and a number of other users. Take a look here to see if your account is now supported. If so, you can now toggle it on in the admin panel (more instructions here). If you have any questions, we're

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We've enabled the service two weeks ago in our admin portal.

It works ok in the mobile app but we are still getting an error page when going to https://todo.microsoft.com

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Great news @Polly. Thanks for sharing - a number of edu institutions I'm working with a keen to try this out. It's great to have a dedicated area too to ask questions - I... Read More

Hey there,

If you're headed to Orlando next week for Microsoft Ignite, why not sign up for one of the sessions I'll be hosting about Microsoft To-Do:


THR2014 - Microsoft To-Do Theater Session

On Wednesday the 27th at 10:50 am in OCCC South – Expo Theate

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@Simon Chan: Any announcements/news on when the web app will support Work or School accounts? Any news on when a Mac desktop client is coming out?

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This scratched an itch I have synchronizing different tasks from other systems (or emails) directly into my Todo list.  And since different lists are essentially task folders - it

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it does work for me
Great blog post @John! I'd been thinking of setting something up like this in Flow but not had opportunity yet. Thanks. Read More
Thanks for the article John, it doesn't look like that link is working though. Do you mind reposting it?

Good news iPad users, Microsoft To-Do Preview is now available! Download it from the App Store here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/microsoft-to-do/id1212616790

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I've used Outlook tasks for many years and become familiar with many of the advanced features including integration with OneNote. Of recent times I've been frustrated with access to tasks on mobile devices and turned to third-party solutions to access the

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Hey Philemon, Glad you're a fan! There's no way to view My Day in Outlook at the moment but we will be working on closer integrations with Outlook so we'll add your reque... Read More