Word translator stopped working

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Hello all,


since a few days, the Translator tool in Word stopped working, when selecting the translate option of a part of text, the Translator window opens in Word, but does not render the language panes I used to see (source and target language), instead the Translator hangs ... busy loading.. nothing.



I can access the microsofttranslator.com website (now redirecting to Bing Translator)...


Does anyone got some suggestions to troubleshoot this situation?




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@Peter_Geelen Under File>Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings>Privacy Options, do you have a check mark in the box for "Turn on all connected experiences"?


If so, as the Translator loads properly here and functions correctly, I would suggest 

performing an On-Line repair of the Office installation as detailed in the Knowledge Base article at:


Meanwhile I did an on-line repair of the office installation, with no luck.

It looks like the DNS malware protection is blocking websites that Translator is using...

After a bit testing to find network issues I switched to a VPN, this way the local network firewall and the DNS PiHole (DNS adware blocker) server are out of the picture.
Then Translator starts working again... but I can't find the exact DNS domain that is being blocked in the DNS server.

Is there a list of DNS names that the Translator uses, I can manually unblock or put it on the DNS white list?

Same thing here it is so strange as it works perfectly with VPN and it used to work flawlessly just few weeks ago.

is there any settings that needs to be changed in the security settings? @Peter_Geelen 

by doing further search i found this solution: (last entry about changing the DNS settings for IPV4:
I did it and it actually worked without any issues and without the VPN. Still do not understand why but as long as it works as I use the translator frequently.
Would love to know the technical reasons behind this.