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I depend on macros.  Either randomly or every time I have to reboot (e.g., for updates) Word asks me if I want to save the template. No matter what I say, the normal.dotm reverts to nothing. I have tried to back it p as a document, but that doesn’t work. I have coped the macros as a text file and tried to paste it back in and that doesn't work. It tame me hours to rebuild the macros. I am desperate. Please help!

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@George_Schwarz_newsg In the Visual Basic Editor, expand the Normal project and select each of the Modules in turn and then from the File Menu, click on Export and save the modules to a location on your computer.  

Then, create a new document and save it as a Macro-Enabled Template (.dotm) in the Word Startup folder at (C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP

Then select that project in the Visual Basic Editor and using Import on the File menu, import the modules that you exported in the first step above.  Then, click on the Save button in the Visual Basic Editor.

Then, close Word, and rename the normal.dotm template to OldNormal.dotm and restart Word.  You macros will then be available from the file that you saved to the Startup folder as it will have been loaded as an Add-in.

If there were other customizations in the original Normal.dotm template that you want to retain, with Word shut down, delete the new Normal.dotm that was created and rename the original one by removing the Old from the file name, then restart Word and access the Visual Basic Editor and remove the modules from the Normal project.

With the macros in the Add-in, they will be quarantined from any misadventures suffered by the Normal.dotm template.

It seems awfully complicated, but thank you. I'll give it a try.