text-to-speech setup for contribution

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Hello there,


I would like to have some help in order to contribute tts by increasing its accuracy, in which the following are applicable:


Context: non-natively speaking MSc student studying for his final exams.


Tts contribution/project: During my rehearsel, I would like to record my voice on a word document, compare it with my exam summary, adjust some wrong conversions and submit it as feedback.



Question/help: Well, i would a script/vba command/exe...  Something that compares my voice with my summary document. Correspondingly, highlighting (very roughly) the sections that do match with my summary. I.e. where I was wrong. In normal circumstances, I would not ask this but ehm... I tried for 3 days already to code/develop something, without succes. In addition, my exams are within 8 days.


Hence, my justification for asking a favor.


I look forward hearing from you guys and appreciate the consideration.





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Assuming that you have two documents - the original summary and one created by using dictation, the only thing that you could do is make use of the Compare facility on the Review tab of the ribbon.