How to mail merge and change font size and date in word?

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I wish mircosoft Word had remote help ... I have a couple of issues with my mail marge document which i am trying to make labels to print on to a sticker.  


I have create a spread sheet to merge the information 

but when I merge the field I only see I print preview page so can not check each sticker to see if I have information correct 

at moment the label appears looks like this :

Basic Seams > R01 Plain Seam pressing veiw (WS)


Linda Barnes



But I wish it to look something Like this:

Basic Seams >

( in sert the word Lesson)R01 Plain Seam pressing veiw (WS)

( in sert the word Press view)Flat

Linda Barnes

September 2022



Not sure if this is helpful.  


regards and Thanks Linda 


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@linda118 In the first cell of the table in the Labels mail merge main document, apply the desired font formatting to the mergefields and the text.  To get the date in the desired format, toggle on the display of the field codes and inside the closing } for the Date mergefield, at the following formatting switch \@ "MMMM yyyy"


{ MERGEFIELD Date \@ "MMMM yyyy" }


If the date is not a mergefield, just apply that switch to the Date field


{ DATE \@ "MMMM yyyy" }


Then use the Update Labels button in the Write & Insert Fields section of the Mailings tab of the ribbon to replicate that formatting to the other labels on the page.


To see the result before you print the labels, select Edit Individual Documents from the Finish & Merge dropdown in the Finish section of the Mailings tab of the ribbon.

Hi Thank you for your advice I do not under the steps you have describe.
is there remote help available in Word ?
If you send a copy of the mail merge main document and the data source to mergetools[atsymbol]gmail[dot]com, I will help you with it.
@doug_Robbins I have email hopefully you get them


  1. Place the insertion point in the merge field. For example, click into the field similar to the following example:
  2. Press SHIFT+F9 to view the field code. For example, your merge field should now look similar to the following:
    { MERGEFIELD FirstName }
  3. Move the insertion point to the left of the closing (right) brace (}).
  4. Add the Charformat switch so your merge field now looks similar to the following example:

    { MERGEFIELD FirstName \* Charformat }
    note If the word "MERGEFORMAT" appears in this field, delete it and replace it with the word Charformat.
  5. Select the first character following the opening field brace.
    For example, select the "M" within the word MERGE FIELD as in the following example:
    {MERGEFIELD FirstName \* Charformat }
    Make sure that this character is set to the font and font size that you want. If it is not, change it to the font and font size that you want.
  6. Press SHIFT+F9 to show the result of the field code.See more