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When I insert a footnote into a document, the footnotes renumber in the text of the document, however, they do not renumber in the footnote area of the document.  If I insert a footnote between footnotes 14 and 15 in my text, the text footnotes will read 14, 15, 16. However, the footnotes at the bottom of the page will ready 14, 15, 15 . . .

I have already tried copying and pasting this rather long document into another document (did not fix the problem).

I have already tried several other techniques from searching online and none of them have worked.  If I start a completely new document, the footnotes work correctly. So there has to be some setting in this rather long (30 or so pages) document that is creating the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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@BrettDes Can you upload a copy of the document so that we can investigate the issue.

It is probably staring me in the face, but I cannot seem to find the upload command here. I will gladly send a portion of the document that has the trouble in order to get this problem fixed.

Just to be clear, how would you suggest I upload the document? There does not seem to be an option anywhere for that to happen.



If you are seeing the Quick Reply box (see example below), click in the box and then click the Open full text editor link to see options for uploading files.





I have done what you suggested. However, there are no controls here for uploading a file either. I can find a way to embed a link to a file, but the onenote link seems to only open the file in Word online. Is there some limitation on new accounts that keeps people from uploading files until some verification happens? If the link is what somebody needs, I can do that again - but it doesn't seem to allow anyone to download the file. I am probably missing something.



@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVPhere is a link to the file.  Word problem file 

@BrettDes What was the source of the document and of the original footnotes?


The "footnotes" in the document are in a "footnotes" style


rather that in the default "footnote text" style


When, via the Footnote and Endnote dialog, I change the format of the numbering from 1, 2, 3, ... to i, ii, iii, ..., it is only to the Footnote that I added that the format of the number is changed.

It appears that the only way to fix it properly will be to reinsert the footnotes.


It would however be possible to correct the numbering by accessing the footnotes.xml component of the file and manually changing the numbers taht appear there, but that will not really fix the problem.

the footnotes were generated by Word. I created the footnotes style so I did not mess with the footnotes text. This style gives me the proper font size and indentation. I wanted the original style to stay in Word. There has to be some reason that Word completely lost track of what the numbers were in the footnotes section. As it stands, i will most likely just have to recreate the document as I am using Endnote as a citations manager.



Sometimes, opening the document in some other word processor, such as LibreOffice Writer, may fix issues such as broken footnotes. Note that frequently editing a document in different word processors may also cause these types of troubles. 


Experiment a bit on a copy of the original document. Open it in LibreOffice, save in the *.otf format and then save back to *.docx. Then open the resulting file in Word and see if there is some improvement. 


Again, moving the document between different word processors may contribute to formatting issues, so it should be used with care.