Figures disappearing in Office365 Word for Mac

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I am writing a lengthy thesis proposal in Microsoft Word 365 for MAC and for whatever reason many of my figures and captions are disappearing. I am not entirely sure what is causing the issue or when it is happening because I am saving it on a Microsoft OneDrive Cloud location and utilizing the AutoSave feature. So I will periodically go to work on previous sections of the document and find that many of my figures are gone. I am able to re-insert and re-format the figures. However, it is becoming quite cumbersome to do that with the amount of figures I have.


After looking through some of my version history I have noticed that all of the figures that are being deleted contain a reference in the caption. I am using the Mendeley Cite add-on to manage my citations and I have to add citations for numerous figures. These are the only figures that are spontaneously disappearing. Has anyone else experienced this issue and have a solution?

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To escalate these issue, regarding photo and other content disappearance.

I suggest you optimizing your work that is,
Get all your photo in one folder either pending to upload or not pending to upload on the document.
When preparing the document! Apply photos from these new location,
Reason:- these could occur if the 'content that your uploading on the document', is somewhere else when creating the document online/offline the computer must not be able to access the 'content you uploaded' recently when auto save feature is on that is when, 'that content uploaded recently' must be in a location making it difficult to read and process..

Please readdress me the issue with better wording so I can creat a step by step explaination.

I already prepare all of my images and then put all of my .png images into a single folder. This folder contains all of the images that are within my document.


Despite this organization, certain figures will be deleted from the document. All of the images are from the same folder location, so I do not think it has anything to do with where the images are located. If it were, then I expect all of my images to be disappearing.


Instead only the images that have a cross-referenced citation in the caption are being deleted. All other images have had no issues.


As a note, all of my images are using the "Top and Bottom" text wrap and are "grouped" with the caption. I have done this for easier formatting and placement of the figures. Is there something about this figure formatting that could be causing problems with the cross-reference citation manager?

Ok, further check if your logged in with your email, the word provides auto save feature, if change in password or settings could avoid the document from saving properly onto your mail server, trying logging in again,

Here a link about cross reference,


I am experiencing the exact same problem while working with figures in a thesis on Word 356 for Windows while using the Mendeley add-on and the auto-save feature in OneDrive. The references are also "grouped" with the figure caption itself.


The referenced figures (and only them) just disappear spontaneously in random intervalls. To me it seems that the problem comes from the Mendeley Add-on itself (as if it is updating in the background and simply deleting the references figures).


I wanted to ask if you happened to find a solution to this problem as it is very time consuming to have to readd the figures every couple of days.


I am happy to hear your response!