Draw Table and Eraser tools not in Table Tools Layout Tab

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In MS Word for Office 365 Business and Office 365 Pro, the "draw table" and "eraser" buttons do not show up on the tool bar.  I have tried to add them by using the customize ribbon features but have been unsuccessful.  On two different computers, these two tools are unavailable which really makes adjusting/creating tables difficult, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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@CFE2019 The Draw group containing those two buttons should be near the left end of the Layout ribbon:


This screen shot is from Office 365 ProPlus, Version 1910 (Build 12130.20184), but it appears the same in Word 2013. If it doesn't appear for you, repairing Office may help.


As a workaround, the Draw Table command should be on the Insert > Table dropdown and on the Table Design > Borders dropdown, and the Erase function can be simulated by setting the Pen Color on the Table Design ribbon to No Color and then using the Border Painter tool.

@Jay FreedmanI have Office 365 Enterprise. I was able to add the draw and eraser tools to my quick access bar and while the draw tool will work, the erase button does not launch the tool.

@CFE2019I was having the same problem - I opened a document with a table in it and then I went to TABLE DESIGN: then I went to the place on the ribbon where I wanted to add the Draw Table, Erase, etc. and right click on the ribbon and choose "customize the ribbon".  In the left box, choose "all tabs" and in the right box choose "all tabs" then in the right box, scroll down to "TABLE TOOLS" where you will see "table designs" followed by "Table Style Options" etc.  I inserted "new tab" after "Table Style Options" as that is where I wanted them to appear and renamed it to "Cell adjustments" and then I went to left column and scrolled down to "Draw Table" and added it to right column.  Continue to add "Delete cells" (the one with the red X in it), then "insert cells", "Insert above", "Insert below", "Insert right" "Insert left" and then click OK and VOILA they are where I wanted them.  Good luck!




Word has more than one command called "Eraser." Make sure that you add the Table Eraser tool to the Quick Access Toolbar.