Combine Multiple Live Word Documents

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I'm wondering if there is a way to merge multiple word documents that will update live. For context, I have 20 different word documents that are sent out to individual groups.  Those documents are then combined and that combined document is sent to a different group.  Right now, I have to wait until all of the individual documents are completed before I'm able to combine them all into the final, combined document.


It would be nice if I could link all individual documents into one master document so that the master document is updated live as changes are made to those individual documents.  Is there any way to do this?


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You could use an INCLUDETEXT field to include the text from each of the individual documents. When you update those fields, if they have access to the source documents, the document in which you have inserted those fields will then display the current content of each document.
Thanks, Doug. Could you give me a quick summary on how to go about this?