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Hi all,

A user uploaded a Word document to Teams yesterday and made some edits. Today she opened the document and it was blank. She's been working solely through Teams. Looking at the 2 history versions, they are both blank as well. She said everything looked good when she closed it yesterday. No one else has been in the document. Has anyone encountered anything like this? TIA


Can I cross-post this in Teams?

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It may be a synching issue.  Are you editing the document in Word Online in the browser, Word Online through Teams, or the Desktop Client?  I have seen issues where the document in Teams is not synching properly to the document library in SharePoint.  If you open the Document in Word Online or the Desktop Client it saves directly to the SharePoint document library and then has to synch to Teams.  Was the document uploaded blank?

Thanks for responding, @Deleted. She is working in Word Online through Teams. The document was not blank when it was uploaded. I looked at the document again this morning (through Teams) and it is still blank. I went to the document library in SharePoint and same thing. I checked the versions too. Those are also blank. The document (uploaded from our network) is > 6 MB.


I uploaded a copy of that document to another team to test. So far that doc has remained intact. Do these docs sync through the Document Upload Center? Or what syncing mechanism can I check?

I think the synching error would only happen if the document was originally uploaded as a blank document and that state overrode any other changes.  Is the document greater than 6MB even though it is blank or was that the original upload size?  

That's the original uploaded size. The size in the cloud is 18 kb.

Hi Laura

Sounds like something has erased your content.

I tend to avoid doing any heavy duty editing of docs in Teams and opt instead to Synchronise my Teams SharePoint group (or channel) with my PC and then work on the file from File Explorer.

You can do that by going to the Channel where the file is, open SharePoint Online from the menu, in SharePoint Online click onto Sync, and if OneDrive for Business is installed, it will let you sync the files to your PC.

Best wishes with your issue. It isn't normal behaviour for Teams to erase files as yours did!