Logitech Brio stop working after windows 11 build 22581 update (Beta channel)

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I've just installed Windows 11 build 22581 from the Windows Insider Beta channel last night.

Since then, my Logitech Brio camera stop working.


My Logitech Brio was configured on my computer for Windows Hello facial authentication, so I'm sure it was working just fine before the update since I use it each time I'm logging in.


I've tested the camera on antoher compter, it works fine. I've updated the camera to the latest firmware on this other computer just in case, but it doesn't help.


Back on my main computer, the camera still appears in the Device Manager, but the device is not accessible from apps like the Camera app.


I've tried the uninstall the device, then perform a scan to add it back in. The device is added but is not working...


When I try the "Restore driver" option, it says that "the driver is not build for this plateform"



Finally, I've tried to switch from the Beta to the Dev channel, just in case a fix was already available. But this seems not to be the case. 


So here I am :smile:


Thanks in advance for you help.

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Does the camera can be identified with Windows Hello from Settings app? If yes suggest you try to re-setup with the camera to retry.
Hi Little Joe,

Thank you for the suggestion, but it doesn’t work. The driver is broken… I guess it need a fix from Microsoft.
Okay, if that's the case then besides going back is to waiting for MS to release updates to adapt your camera. :)

Thanks again for your suggestion @Little_Joe.


I can't stay without my webcam, need it for conf calls, and Windows Hello is so handy... So I've decided to rollback to version 21H2 and... The webcam is alive :)


I strongly advise all Logitech Brio owner to avoid Windows 11 22H2 build 22581 so far...


I hope that this thread will gain some interest and have Microsoft engineers digging into this blocking issue.





Okay, then pls file a problem within Feedback Hub app regarding this issue to let MS investigating this...
I had the same issue as well. My 4K Logitech Brio webcam stopped working with Skype which I use weekly. I tried everything. Uninstalling, reinstalling, updating driver, making sure Microsoft security settings and and my antivirus program allowed the camera. Nothing worked. I wish I knew before so I wouldn't have done the update so soon for Windows 11. To Microsoft: Please investigate and integrate usage of Logitech Brio webcams into your next update. I don't want to spend another $300 on a new camera for desktop.
Confirmed, not working also for me :(
No camera and no microphone!
It still doesn’t work, I bought my Brio webcam after the windows build apparently and windows hello face unlock works on my older windows 10 system but not on my windows 11 system. I have tried it on my sisters laptop also on windows 11 and it doesn’t work on her laptop also. Windows 10 proves to be the better choice

@Jean-Michel-57530 You need upgrade Brio's Firmware first. But you need other computer to upgrade Brio's Firmware. In build 22581, you can't upgrade Brio's Firmware.

Download Logitune software in the other computer.



Install Logitune and connect your Brio camera to the other computer.

You will see 2022 March Firmware and click to upgrade.


Then reconnect your Brio camera to current computer.


I solved this problem by this way. 




This issue still exists even after the actual release of 22H2. Microsoft should provide help. 

The problem is with Windows 11. I've updated the firmware and have logitune running on Win 10 and Win 11 22H2. Only Windows 11 on my new Surface Laptop 5 is where the problem exists. I can use the webcam in Teams etc, but nothing works with Windows Hello.

I've got the issue resolved, here is what helped:

i "repaired" windows using a windows 11 version that removes the TPM/secure boor requirement from windows.

when then i finally could setup windows hello face unlock and then i repaired windows again with the normal version with TPM/secure boot requirements 

so i came to the conclusion that the TPM requirement in windsows 11 was block it it from me



YEP! This is a huge issue unknown to MS with Windows 11 22H2 any build, specifically with Surface laptop 5s in our testing. Across several test SL5 units, regardless of it being Intune managed with DFCI config, setup as a retail/consumer device, and testing across 4 windows hello compatible camera models (including BRIO). There is no support for Window Hello auth with an external camera using SL5s and Windows 11 22H2. Regardless of whether you disable the built in camera or not, too.

@LAKELOCE3000X3D  thanks for the confirmation and all your testing. I now have Win 10 22H2 on my surface laptop 5 and I still have the same issue. Not sure if it is a 22H2 code issue across Win 10 & 11 or specific to the SL5. I have a surface laptop 3 that I will put Win 10 22H2 on and see if the Brio stops working on that. If it still works then it is likely a SL5 issue.

@DarrenLovell We reached out to intune support and they got back to us miraculously fast, with an easy solution. They referenced this article and in our case, the entry and value to set for the "SecureBiometrics" Key is (DWORD) Enabled = 0 instead of 1. We had to manually create the "SecureBiometrics" key. 

Perfect !! It took a bit of tweaking after I had that setting.

If I removed Face recognition and also removed the PIN, I was able to go straight to Face sign-in and setup again, with the external Brio camera !! At the end of that setup I was asked to setup the PIN. Amazing, thank you !

I did notice that the external camera did not work when the lid was closed, which is my home desk setup.

I then changed the following reg key and now I have everything working. What a chore going from Surface Laptop 3 to a 5 with the exact same Windows build....

Changed "LidNotifyReliable" to 0

Dear friends, is this issue still unresolved? I am on Windows 11 Home, Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621.

Brio camera not detected, but an Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) does pop up as I connect the USB. On other machines it does work (Windows 10 machines).


I have the same problem with no solution till now

Thanks for best information windows 11 beta.


Windows 11 is best OS and many changes, Improvement that provides.