Windows 11 - Touch Keyboard Not Opening

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Hi All,


Hopefully someone can assist, we have an application housed in Kiosk mode and in Windows 10 we used the touch input on a textbox to invoke the Touch keyboard (tabtip.exe) 


In Windows 11 this is no longer working, Windows 11 Pro Ver 22H2 OS Build 22621.2428


At first we thought it was the registry keys for invoking the touch keyboard 

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\TabletTip\1.7\EnableDesktopModeAutoInvoke = 1


But when testing the actual TabTip.exe under ProgramFiles\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ink\TabTip.exe the keyboard won't boot when executed. 


This led us to finding that once the keyboard is opened and crossed off the process remains open and subsequent executions do not reopen the keyboard. 


Is there a workaround to this or is this a known bug with MS on Win 11 for this issue?


Any help would be much appreciated.


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@RichardTurnock2240 did you actually close the process and try to reopen the keyboard app?


If so, *Check*.


Otherwise, I would definitely head to the manufacturer's website and grab the latest drivers; I would just overwrite the ones you have installed, already.  Most manufacturers support pages have all the latest drivers you need, and you might as well grab updated versions for the other hardware on your device.




Hi @dron2xavier6,

Thanks for the reply, I have updated the devices driver from the manufacturer as some were needed but the behaviour remains the same with the keyboard.

There are a couple of new behaviours though, the process if closed just reopens itself again but even when closed and immediately opening tabtip.exe the keyboard doesn't open.

But if you create the Touch Keyboard icon on the taskbar (bottom right) and click it from there it works every time, so I am not sure how that is calling the exe to make it work correctly.

We can't use this as the fix as the app is in Kiosk Mode but the keyboard does open and close manually via that method at least.