Windows 11 showing weird overlay on my monitor screen

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Windows 11 showing weird overlay on my monitor screen.
It looks normal when I took a pc screenshot but when I took a photo using my phone camera it appears bold.

How to turn that overlay off ? See the image below

Screenshot took on pcScreenshot took on pcPhoto took using my handphonePhoto took using my handphone

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Do you have the option to connect another monitor and check if the error persists?

I do not have another monitor.

I boot into safe mode and I saw the same issue.
I replaced my graphics card with another graphic card and the issue is still there.

So my graphic card is not the issue. It is either my monitor or windows 11.

With normal usage for gaming and video it looks fine and cannot spot any differences. It is weird that it produce a line by line overlay pattern.
It looks very obvious when I am using any text editor with a white background.

I tested my monitor with tv box. I can also see the patterns.

It is my monitor fault.
Case closed.