Windows 11 blur window bug

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I rebooted my PC and opened Steam in a maximized window. After I closed it, the window was gone but I got this blur over my screen that overlaps everything. I'm using 2 monitors, the second one doesn't have this blur since the Steam window was on the first one.
I've seen someone here having the same problem. Is there a way to disable this blur effect until Microsoft fixes this bug?

P.S. Also, I've been having lags on file explorer when using the keyboard arrows to navigate, the only way to get rid of the lag is going fullscreen by pressing F11. Is there a working solution for windowed mode?




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I guess it is due to Google Chrome you have opened. Just try closing it. You may try Restarting the Windows Explorer process.

1. Press Win + X .
2. Click Task Manager.
3. If showing "More Details" in bottom, click on that, else go to next step.
4. Scroll to the bottom and find "Windows Explorer".
5. Right Click and Click "Restart".
6. There will be a black or white screen at the back of the window depenmding on your selected theme and in 2-3 seconds all the desktop and taskbar will be back.

If the problem finished after closing Google Chrome (According to Screen Shot), then just reopen and everything will be solved.

I hope my way helps.

Change the display scale from 125% to 124% this most probably fix the problem. Seems to work.
Tell me if it does also for you.

It was actually Steam itself. When I exited Steam the blur went away. Thank you!

My display scale is at 100% but I've never got this bug again, so probably they fixed it? Thanks anyway!
Just got this bug as well, had to restart the PC with ctrl+alt+delete cause the blur was covering taskbar (I have it set to auto-hide so blur went all the way down) and somehow it was on top of the task manager even though that is set to be on top of all other windows. Definitely related to Steam.