Windows 11 21H2 upgrade to 22H2 failing @ 64%

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I have a bunch of machines running Win11 21H2 which need updating to 22H2. I'm using WSUS and have downloaded Windows 11, version 22H2 x64 2023-10B.

For 30 minutes the machine will download and install the upgrade and complete any other bits it needs to compile, after successful completion of the initial phase I then reboot.

During the next phase there's a couple of reboots and the upgrade process appears to be going well, the percentage indicator increases fairly quickly, and then suddenly stops at 64%. It says Updating drivers and just sits there for about 2 hours, eventually increasing to 87%, and that's were it remains for an eternity.

I haven't had any problems running Win11 21H2 these past few months, with no driver issues or dodgy applications. This should be a simple in-place update to 22H2 on an OS that is stable, I don't understand why it would hang.

I've disabled AV and put the test machine in an OU that removes Group Policies.

A new 22H2 image has been created which installs and works without issue.... however, I don't won't to rebuild all the machines.



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Hi @SteveJD 

Have you tried looking through the logs which are created during the update procedure? There are specific logs for drivers. Depending on where the update fails the logs will be saved in different locations. The path of the logfiles are documented here: Log files that are created when you upgrade to a new version of Windows - Microsoft Support

Hi... yep, been through the logs, there's a lot to trawl through.

From additional testing it looks like a GPO might be causing the problem, though it's proving difficult to pinpoint because I've run a test without any GPO's assigned but it still fails.

I built a machine today using a standard 21h2 image, without making it a domain member, and successfully upgraded to 23h2.

After another rebuild and making it a domain member, the upgrade failed.


Some GPO settings don't revert to the default if they are unassigned. Maybe one of these is causing the problem. Does the 23H2 update fail on clients with applied GPOs? 

In order to verify the upgrade works from a later version, I have tested a new 22H2 image.
I completed the build, connected it to the domain with all GPO's applied and successfully performed an update to 23H2. I now suspect there could be an issue with the 21H2 image and the way it's been defined. I use NTLite, which is good for configuring and removing various components and settings from the OS. Perhaps I've changed something that's broken the update process.
For the the 22H2 image, I left that in a default state and changed nothing, just in case... and that works!