Win11 Pro Update install error: Install error - 0x800f020b for HP - Printer -

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I have an MSI Katana GF66 laptop with W11 Pro and an HP OfficeJet 8720.  My windows update is showing an installer error for an update for my printer. Install error: Install error - 0x800f020b for HP - Printer - can anyone please tell me how to fix this?  I have been Googling it and there are lots of entries that are referencing Xerox printers which I do not have nor do I have anything from Xerox on my system.  I have seen the issue mentioned many times on the HP community forums but when they report that a resolution has been accepted the green accepted box only shows the OP saying thank you and does NOT reference the actual fix steps.


Thank you.



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@Wonder_Woman Hi,

Technical support from the printer manufacturer HP - it's a good idea, downloading drivers according to the serial number of the printer most often helps in such cases.

Official HP® Drivers and Software Download | HP® Customer Support

Update Error code 0x800f020b - Windows 10 - Microsoft Community





No, I have not been able to receive an answer to my posting on how to fix the problem. I just tried looking at my account on the HP support forums and because they are doing maintenance. I cannot even sign in to that forum.


This being a problem that is occurring with the windows update I would think that Microsoft would know how to fix it as well as HP so I really would appreciate if anyone could post the actual repair steps to be taken to fix this problem.







This is getting annoying.  The machine this error is on is not an HP machine, it is an MSI Katana GF66 and it is also an error with a WINDOWS UPDATE.  That being said I cross posted my issue on the HP forums and they blew me off telling me to call support.  This problem which is directly to do with a WINDOWS UPDATE is therefore a 100% Microsoft problem and needs to be treated by MS.


I am being treated like a ping pong ball and I cannot stand when that happens.


since no one is willing to take responsibility for the programming screwup causing this error can someone at least tell me how to get it out of my Windows Update list so it doesn’t show up anymore?




Wonder Woman

@Wonder_Woman i had the same problem and i just fixed, i uninstall everything related to HP.

Go to setting, app, Uninstall apps, on the search bar type: HP , and uninstall all HP program and drivers shown, and restart)  by now problem should be fix, (check windows update). 

Last, install the HP Printer app from Microsoft Store, that should install all the drivers needed for the Hp printer! this is how i could fix it :)


Thank you for your reply and your suggestion. I unfortunately had a separate issue with the laptop that this happened on that required me to have to do a full reset of Windows 11 pro on the laptop. I experienced a problem with the display drivers that caused the screen to keep blinking and it wasn’t only just the display screen from the laptop itself. It also affected my external monitor. The reinstall of windows 11 Pro completely cured the problem of the stuck windows update.

Once again, thank you for your reply.

I've got exactly the same error. All HP software remove although I'm just trying printui /s /t2 which allows you to remove printers and drivers.

It worked for me, thanks alot.
I even was able to keep my HP Drivers for my default printer, and Win Update worked too.
Thanks a lot!
I've had the same problem, did a lot of online research, tried everything and nothing worked.
Your solution resolved my problem.
Go to Uninstall updates and select any driver updates from external devices that may be causing the error. Right-click on the update and select Hide updates to prevent the system from trying to install it again.