Win11 - MS Edge - Start Page: Tiles use inconsistent UI patterns for 'NextDoor' tile

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I am allowed to *not* read garbage on Facebook by being a non-subscriber

I would also like to *not* read NextDoor on my MS Edge Start page, but due to inconsistent UI patterns being enforced/applied by MS or it's partners, I cannot. Bugs below


Repro: Open MS Edge default start page, observe 'NextDoor' tile not added by me.

We can compare the 'NextDoor' tile UI pattern with the 'Weather' tile pattern usually just above it.


Bug #1: No ellipsis (...) in upper right of NextDoor tile, with ellipsis present in Weather

>> This blocks, 'edit/hide/settings/report issue' features


Bug #2 (&3): Edit location settings - edit your location for weather with pencil icon. Change to 'Invalidisäätiö, Uusimaa, Finland' and save. Close browser, reopen. Setting changes persist. Repeat this exact repro with NextDoor. Bug2: Changes do not persist, resetting to access to my location settings. The Weather tile respects and persists changes I make to 'location'.


Bug #3: *I have not given access permissions* for NextDoor to use my location information.



I dont subscribe to 'change via lawsuits' but certainly this could fit squarely into the realm of 'forced-browser-content antitrust rulings' ...perhaps lessons from the *cough* default search engine debacle are forgotten? 


Please fix. I *hate* NextDoor, which is just a Facebook for neighbors to learn to not-work through issues productively. Turn it off, let me turn it off, or promote your new 'forced to view' content tile, as 'forced to view'


An Ex-MS employee, and retired Director of Software QA Engineering

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