What is the roadmap for FIDO2 passthrough from Hyper-V host to VM?

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Using FIDO2 devices physically attached to the Hyper-V host in a virtual machine is greatly needed, for instance for PAWs, where the user on his not-locked-down desktop/production-apps VM needs to do FIDO2 logins.


And now that Microsoft has commited to accellerate passwordless platforms , one would expect it to be a priority.


MS employees have said a year ago, that it was on the roadmap.

But when can we expect to see it coming?

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Has anyone heard anything on this?

The PAW is supposed to be a physical machine; not a VM.
Also, would using Yubikeys as smartcards instead of FIDO2 keys be an alternative for Hyper-V VMs until FIDO2 support is available?