W11 automatically downloading AFTER rollback to W10

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I'm pulling my hair out here. I "upgraded" to W11 on launch day, but use a Ryzen CPU. Obviously performance issues on my generation of CPU are well known now, so I rolled back to W10 on my 10th day (thought I'd give MS a chance to fix it, but their update made things worse somehow).

Anyway, this is now causing me big issues. W11 is automatically downloading. It gives me no "would you like to download" or anything like that. Nope, it just does it itself without any prompts.

I've turned off TPM since, but in Windows Updates (settings) it shows that W11 is 100% downloaded, and I'm not dreading turning off my computer. If W11 does install again, will I be given another 10 days to roll back to W10, or will the 10 day timer go from when I first installed this?

Surely W11 shouldn't install right after the rollback to W10. This is ridiculous.  

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EDIT: Yep W11 is now installing (with TPM & secure boot turned off). Super.
Download might be happen automatically but installation would need your permission so if you don't click to install, it won't install.
Now if you upgrade to Windows 11, you will given 10 days to roll back but if you don't want to upgrade to Windows 11, I suggest wait and do not upgrade.
You are unfortunately wrong. When I move back to Windows 10, not everything works. I have to install some optional updates, and some search for cumulative updates. So, you have to click "check for updates". When you click this, everything installs yes, but this includes Windows 11. It does not ask do you want to upgrade, it doesn't give you a choice, it just does it.

I've rolled back to Windows 10, 3 times now and every time you click check for updates, Windows 11 installs. Yes I could not click that, but if I don't install some optional things, then things just do not work.
This is not the expected behavior and you should be able to control it.
I advise you to open start and search for feedback and open Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Try open Windows Update and click on Advanced options and uncheck "Received update for other Microsoft products when you update Windows".
I am having the same issue. Did you find a fix?

I notice in "View Update History" that it has recorded that I have successfully upgraded to Windows 11. I am now wondering if I should uninstall updates?
I did find this which may help;
Haven't tried it yet - just paused updates for now.


Hello, thank you for this topic!

I think you should ask for help - Microsoft technical support - I am very curious what steps will be recommended to remove this problem that needs an official solution!

MTC - is not Microsoft technical support - of course Forum Members help, but automatic system update is assigned the highest privileges!


This is one of the discussions in which the same problem occurred in the Insider program:

Unable to stop Windows 11 update - Microsoft Tech Community

@Hannah1024 Unfortunately not. I rolled back a total of 6 times, each leading to another automatic update back to Windows 11 even after making my system not compatible with W11.

So as I write this now, I'm on Windows 11. It was impossible to stop, impossible to roll back for any longer than a hour, impossible to get any official support on this matter.

Sorry I couldn't give you better news :(

Unfortunately, official support were no help. They were less than useful. They gave advice for a different issue, totally could not understand this issue when I spoke to a second person, said they've heard nothing of the sorts happening before when I spoke the the third person, and then finally pointed me to this forum.

@Christopher_P_S  I just tried the registry edit tip in the how-to-geek page I shared.  It worked for me. I'm back on windows 10 without it trying to install windows 11.  I hope this works for you also.

Hi Everyone,

I just reverted back to Windows 10 from Windows 11 as I wanted to go to an earlier build without the bug of spotlight.

The way to not update back is not through registry but through this tool that was archived. Windows Club provided the link but this is the Microsoft tool to hide Updates. As Windows don't install those.



Please provide feedback so that the Microsoft Team can develop official solutions:

Send feedback to Microsoft with the Feedback Hub app


If other solutions do not work - then removing the Windows11 installer by a clean installation can help:

 Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

Hey, I tried everything and it didn't work so then I went to turn off diagnostic data feedback in Settings>Privacy>Diagnostics & feedback and then I ran the windows update troubleshooter and seems like its working I no longer see Windows 11 downloading/installing. Hope it works for you too
Hi Tepsiya,

Consider using the hide/unhide update tool from Microsoft found through a internet search or find the YouTube video which shows how to use the registry carefully to make sure that it stays on 21H2.


My method is working and windows 10 works perfectly fine