Onedrive issues on Windows 11

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I have updated my windows to 11 (build 22000.132) and I am experiencing an issue on OneDrive. When I open the file explorer and click on the OneDrive folders, it takes long time to open my folders and sometimes it even freezes. Every time I click on the folder, it appears to be loading (as the mouse cursor would become a little small blue circle). Even tough I keep my folders and files on my local drive, the issue still persists. The folder loading behavior is normal on other non-OneDrive related folders in my local drives. 


I experienced similar issues on my NAS-related folders and I suspect this issues would exist in network drives. 

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Up to you. Search over internet for "{e2bf9676-5f8f-435c-97eb-11607a5bedf7}" and "{86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}" and you will find it, that its well documented.
I installed those 2 registry keys so I'm now using the old Explorer with the old context editor. Opening files on OneDrive is still painfully slow. Tried closing my 2 OneDrive apps but that made no difference. Even when they aren't running, opening files within my OneDrive folder is very slow. Opening files in any other folders (not on OneDrive) are as fast as they should be.
I hope Microsoft is reading this and trying to understand what grief they are putting their users through. Seriously contemplating reverting back to Win 10 unless a proper fix comes out in the next few days.

@dazuk It works for me, improve a lot, and now I can work faster. 

Hope to use it until Microsoft gives us a better solution. 

Thanks for that.

@dazuk i'm very sorry to say, but this solution didn't worked for me either.

OneDrive is as slow as before, every folder-opening takes around 3-5 seconds, and if there is a file clicked on most of the time i come into the name-changing procedure.


This issue does really affect my user-experience of Windows 11. :unamused:

Remember that this is a work-around.
You need to implement 2 registry changes and autostart (shutdown) procedures at start-up, and there is no guarantee that this will work for everybody.

Some users report that is working, others do not. There are many other factors that can cause it. Pressure Microsoft to issue fix, I doubt they read the forum here, despite it's theirs.
I'm happy to report that the fixes from @dazuk work for me, even though I thought they didn't yesterday. I also installed an updated NVidia driver. Each fix on their own didn't work, but after all of them were applied, and I restarted using the .bat file from dazuk in my Start up folder I was happy to see that this morning when I turned on my PC everything was back to normal speed, AND I have the old Explorer context menu too! So, I'm happy.
I am using Windows 11 Stable Build (22000.282). It have latest updates.
I am experiencing this same issue.
I upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11, 9 days ago.

I've clean installed (with full drive wipe) on a new XPS 13 i7 evo laptop with Xe graphics. Getting the issues here. Was OK with OneDrive for business synced but got much worse when syncing SharePoint folders too. Hopefully Windows sort this out ASAP. Unusable for business.

I've rebuilt back to Win10.... Just couldn't live with the Explorer performance and was getting some odd BSOD's.


Just couldn't have my main work machine non-performant.


I'll not go to Win11 now until I see good reviews on Explorer/OneDrive performance.





This below work for me on dev insider versison

Someone can confirm it work final release


Need to add this registry key to have W10 file explorer bar


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Blocked]


After, i need to minimize ribbon in file explorer (see picture)

After minimize ribbon, restart windows and it's work great for me.


@SoWhat007 Please everyone upvote this in the Feedback Hub (can find in Windows Search) and comment your experiences. 


I am finding latest Dev build doesn't help.





That doesn't appear to have worked for me. Running 22000.318. It seems to be related to the number of files that are synced to the computer. OneDrive will run fine when I only have a couple OneDrive/SharePoint libraries synced, but as soon as I sync anything with a significant number of files File Explorer slows to a crawl, even after everything is fully caught up an synced. I've had to use a third-party file manager (Files) in order to maintain productivity.

@soooner Same here. I've sadly rolled back to Windows 10 using media creation tool. Back to snappy everything at least. Going to be watching this thread and other similar for a fix.

Vote it up in the feedback app

That link didn't work for me (maybe it's for insiders only?), but I found a similar one to vote on:

Hello there,

Here is a solution to solve the very slow file explorer on Windows 11. The symptoms for me is a very long elapse time when, in the FileExplorer, I am going thru folders list (down key arrow) waiting 3 seconds the cursor to move... it is also the same elapse time to enter a folder.

I have applied many suggestions, none of them really fix the issue. Except F11 which improve a bit, but it work only for one Window at a time (not really usable). I found disconnecting all tenants for OneDrive and cleaning the OneDrive cache was bringing improvments (onedrive /reset). But still big big issue. Once all tenants reconnected for OneDrive Synchronisation the issue came back.

In fact, I do use a lot Teams/Sharepoint/OneDrive synchronisation (+5 tenants, +20 Teams projects, +50 folders with thousands of files). My guess was that the volume of OneDrive was an issue for Windows 11, which was confirmed by the fact the system is working better when tenats are disconnected.

I found that going thru a folder list, the File Explorer is apparently requesting status information to OneDrive process for each folder being listed. My guess was that OneDrive is king of waiting for timeout on folders not fully working for synchronisation.

So I searched for synchronised folders description in the registry, and I found old folders no longer being used. So I removed the old entries : 

In Ordinateur\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop\NameSpace I cleanup old Sharepoint entries.

Then in Ordinateur\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SyncEngines\Providers\OneDrive I checked the LastModifiedTime and removed all old entries (easy to identify as I disconnected all tenants and reconnected before).

And BINGO ! It is now working perfeclty fine !

Have fun


I haven't done a reinstall yet - but all of the one drive/SharePoint objects that I have listed are valid and ones that I still use
Same issue. I tried more or less everything related to this post without any effect. The only thing that helped me was to disconnect Onedrive personnal (just keep the corporate one). So It goes faster but not as fast as under Windows 10....
I also tried to rebuild Windows Search index without change

Really hope to find a solution !
same problem here
Hello, I've had the same issue for a few days since I've upgraded to W11. I've found that @dazuk work-around to stop and restart OneDrive process was working well.
I've just updated my system to Build 22000.348 and for now, the problem has disappeared. OneDrive is not even in the top usage of processors anymore... I hope this corrects the problem for good.