Like Windows 10, how to manage or stop background app process in Windows 11?




I tried to find ways so that I can manage or stop background app process in Windows 11.


I found one of links as


The link explained four ways;

  1. Disable Background Apps in Settings,
  2. Prevent All Apps at Once from Running in the Background in Registry
  3. Disable Windows 11 Background Apps for All Users with Group Policy and
  4. Prevent apps from running in the background for all users in Registry

I tried 2nd and 3rd way but didn’t observe any improvement.


I checked three Windows 11 computers. 1st way explained in the link is not available.

Maybe after new updates, either steps changed or removed.


Please let us know,

  • How to manage or background app process in Windows 11 through Settings?
  • How 2nd, 3rd and 4th ways can be helpful for managing and stopping background apps process in Windows 11?

The computer has i5 8Gen with 8GB RAM.


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