How to Set Up a Mobile Hotspot in Windows 11




1. Launch the Windows Settings app.


2. On Settings App, in the sidebar, select "Network & Internet."

3. Choose "Mobile Hotspot."


4. Click the drop-down option next to the title "Share my internet connection from."


5. Choose between "Ethernet" and "Wi-Fi."


6. Click the drop-down menu next to the title "Share Over."


7. Select between "Wi-Fi" or "Bluetooth."


8. Click the "Edit" button next to the title "Properties."


9. In the pop-up box, edit network information by entering the network name, password, and network band.


10. Then, press the "Save" button.


11. To activate the mobile hotspot, toggle the switch next to "Mobile Hotspot."

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It's telling: we can't set up mobile hotspot


Under these settings, you can select 2.4GHz or 5GHz. How about 6GHz for those of us that have WiFi 6E enabled cards? Is there an advanced configuration tab that can use those channels to maximize the link? 1500mbps for my Killer AX1675x. Use case - Airlink over Quest 2 via mobile hotspot. Thanks.

@ammarjaved i do not get the edit function under the properties area.


After I enable mobile hotspot on my computer I can not browse the internet on my computer while hotspot is enable. only on my tablet I have to disable the hotspot in order to browse the internet on my PC