How to remove default camera background filter

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I desperately need help in fixing the background to the default camera on Windows 11. 

Screenshot 2023-12-04 221820.png

There's always a background on the camera. This happened when I got the laptop last year when the system automatically updated. I know it's not a zoom background cause when I go to zoom, and click "none" no background, it still shows the same image. it's not going away. I think it's a default camera background of some sort. 


Screenshot 2023-12-04 221918.png


Ever since then, the only fix I can do is disabling and enabling the camera in "Manage Camera" setting so the background would be gone (about 3-5 times of disabling and enabling), and for a while the background just disappears. 



Also tried to repair, reset and uninstall hoping it would just be a camera setting problem, but to no avail the background is still there.


Right now, no matter how many times I disable and enable the camera, the background doesn't go away. Now I'm stuck with the background for all my online classes. 


Can anyone please help me in fixing this!!

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