How to Block a Program from Accessing the Internet Windows 11

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1. Launch the Windows Settings app.
2. In the left sidebar, select "Network & internet."
3. Then, Click "Advanced network settings" and choose "Windows Firewall."


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4. Select "Advanced settings" from the center bottom.
5. Select "Outbound Rules" from the left sidebar.
6. Select "New Rule" from the right sidebar.


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7. Select "Program" and then click Next.
8. Browse to the program's path and then click Next.
9. Choose the "Block the connection" option and then click Next.


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10. Regardless, select all three choices and then click Next.
11. Fill in the program's name and description (optional), then click Finish.

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@ammarjavedI have tried the below steps to block youtube. However even after doing all the steps I can see that it is still accessible.


I have added the IPs still accessible.

Bohot khoob, miya. ShukriyA @ammarjaved $ahab

Thanks for the post!
Amazing Explanation. More tech updates are also available on
It does not usually get an error. But could you please tell me one thing, why you want to block youtube? Are you stressed because of a notifications?

@babulkhan : I wanted to block that to limit my kid's viewing time on youtube. I had finally found the way to do that.


I updated the hosts file under the system32/drives/etc path. took the youtube url and just added to block.

It's alright, Actually I usually do use new features of windows and always try to explore things, So that's why I've joined MSCommunity and the important is feeling happy by making peoples happy. Have a nice life.