Does anybody know how to remove unwanted straight line on Windows Explorer?

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I'm using Epson printer and it worked fine on Windows 10, but when I upgraded my PC to Windows 11, the scanner software often didn't recognize that the printer is already connected. I ended up using the web installer on Epson software in Control Panel to solve this problem. When I installed it, I know nothing about Epson Easy Photo Print so I straight up installed everything there. 


Long story short, when I restart my PC, this annoying menu bar appeared on my Windows Explorer. I tried to remove it and I found it was from Epson Easy Photo Print. So I uninstalled the software but somehow, the menu bar doesn't disappear and just turns into a white straight line that is as annoying as it was because I'm using dark mode.


I searched Google for the solution, but the best article that showed up was from 2014 and it's for Windows 7. Based on that article, I should head for "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar." and rename {9421DD08-935F-4701-A9CA-22DF90AC4EA6}, but the problem is I can't find the GUID. Another solution is to disable Easy Photo Print on Internet Explorer. I can't do this either because there is no Internet Explorer in my Windows 11.

Does anybody have another way to get rid of the super annoying white straight line in Windows Explorer? I know I should be more careful about installing old software on a new operating system, but I'll be so glad if someone wants to share their knowledge to solve this problem. Thanks a lot!


Currently, I'm using Windows 11 build 22000.652.




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I have the same issue on windows 10 and still no solution :(

@jtalib Translate de solution from portuguese.


Acesse o painel de controle do windows 11 através do menu iniciar

Acesse a opção "rede e internet"

Na região "opções da internet"

Acesse a opção "Gerenciar complementos do navegador"

Em seguida clique na opção gerenciar complementos.

Agora desabilite o easy photo print na lista a direita.

Reinicie o Windows explorer e seja feliz.




the reply above is correct, so let me give an english translation below:

Access the Windows 11 Control Panel through the Start Menu
Access the "network and internet" option
In the "internet options" region
Access the "Manage browser add-ons" option
Then click on the manage add-ons option.
Now disable easy photo print in the list on the right.
Restart Windows explorer and be happy.