Can I use Alexa on Windows 11?

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Is it possible for me to download and properly used Alexa on a windows 11 computer? If yes, is it advisable and how do i go about it?

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Yes, you can. Alexa as we all know can do good voice interaction, play music, make to-do lists, provide you weather and traffic reports, play news, set alarms, and much more. Recently, Amazon launched its Alexa Show Mode for select Lenovo PCs but then eventually was made available for all Windows PCs. So you can download and use it on your PC.

To download or find out How to use Alexa on Windows 11, visit >>

i hope this helps.

@doom_mood and If Amazon Alexa (from Amazon) does not appear on the Microsoft Store Canada French..

Thanks for sharing, click this link and then press "install" or "open in Microsoft Store".

It should work as French-Canada is supported in the list.
Is there any way to install Alexa without Microsoft Store? The page always get stuck and never go to the details page of Alexa from Store app.


I have tried every fix suggested/proposed for enabling Alexa on my laptop with Windows 11. For some reason, the communication link is permanently turned off. I feel that the problem lies with either the Alexa app or Windows 11 itself. Some new updates have created this problem. Previously Alexa was working well.


I can't even find it on the Microsoft Store here in Ireland.
The Alex app was removal in March 2023. It might be tied to the broader changes in digital assistant technologies, especially with the interplay between Alexa and Cortana on Windows computers. Given that the Alexa app's functionality on Windows relied on Cortana's support, Microsoft's decision to phase out Cortana likely influenced the discontinuation of the Alexa app. It's understandable that this development might be disappointing, especially for users who had integrated the Alexa app into their daily routines and workflows on their Windows devices. The reliance on cached links to access the app further emphasizes its withdrawal and the impact of evolving technology landscapes on software availability and support.
Thank you for taking the time to explain that. I'll stop trying to get it to work. I have to admit to some disapointment in Win 11, there are some improvements for me as a user but to be honest more drawbacks that have emerged since I installed it.