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I am having a windows display issue.  I work in CorelDraw and thought it was the graphics program but now my windows screen is doing the same issue.  In working with Corel I have updated all display drivers, windows, installed corel patches and updates.  I have cleaned temporary folders, unistalled apps, closed background apps and probably a few more things.  


My task manager right at this moment under processes says that my CPU is at 20%, Memory 39%, 10% Disk and 0% network.  I have Windows 10 Pro and a Nvidia graphics card.  


My Laptop isn't top-of-the-line, but was more than adequate for my purposes with CorelDraw.  It would very occasionally crash when I was working on some high detailed projects, but mostly it was fine until last week. This is strictly a work computer with no music or video files downloaded and most of my saved files are simple vectors with black and white logos.


The two pictures of of my task bar and what I am seeing for display.  Things disappear or change when I hover over them.  CorelDraw will work for a minute or two and then, for example, when I move something it will appear to stay in the same place but if I highlight the object, it has clearly moved.... it just isn't showing that on the display.


If anyone has any further suggestions that I can do, I would appreciate it.  I am not techy, so I am afraid to start uninstalling and deleting things unless I know what they are.





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Check for Windows updates - often an unfinished update causes a lot of errors! And then restart your computer!
Write how you do it or it helped.

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