Windows 10's 5th anniversary

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Today is 29th July, 2020 which is the 5th anniversary for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. Over the years, it is great to see how Windows 10 is being changed by the hard-working engineering team.


I am thanking all the present and former engineers, managers and others working for Windows 10 who have made such a great operating system and still building great new features for it. You people made Windows 10 easier to use. You people made Windows 10 safe and secure. You people made Windows 10 a great Operating System.


Over the five years, you people changed how users interact and use the operating system by bringing in features like task view, action centre, new start menu, Cortana, etc. It is nice to see how you people work every weekday and sometimes on weekends to make our lives better and easier.


At last, I want to say that I am happy to support the Windows 10 team for building great new features and also giving the best wishes for the future development of Windows 10.

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I love Windows 10