windows 10 crash minidump

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I have been having constant BSODs whenever I load into computer games full screen such as GTA V etc.

I have included a link to the mini dump so if anyone could have a look, it would be greatly appreciated.


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this is the cause of your problem:

is your graphic card driver up to date? does it only happen in GTAV or other games as well?

there might also be a 3rd party program running that is causing interference. it could be anything related to display, GPU, monitoring etc



Thanks for your reply, I've updates graphics drivers, and it still occurs, it happens in other games such as GTA SA, Minecraft java edition, ETS2. The only game I have been able to launch today is Cities skylines. MY graphics drivers are AMD readeon version 19.9.3. I have an AMD readeon RX 550 graphics card. Thanks for your help.

A new mini dump has been added with the updated settings.!AowyJbXK3weMpk00MAro95VhdcEi?e=5ZSpIC

Could you give me a list of all the running programs and processes while the crash occurs?

the new dump still points to the same problem: ddkmd.sys SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION

do you know when this problem started happening? like after installing a software or uninstalling one? after installing a new graphic driver? after installing a new Windows update? that would help finding the source of it.

I don't use my computer that much during weekdays anymore, so couldn't tell you exactly when it started happening. I always install the latestest windows 10 updates.


Software that is normally running when it occurs is : Mozilla fire fox, steam, rockstar games launcher.

I first experienced the crash after installing the rockstar games launcher.


That could be potential culprit..I also noticed Rockstar changed their launcher, it can now be kept open in the notification area when the game is closed.

with all of that background processes, I think you better try to do a clean boot
then start playing your games without opening any additional 3rd party program that i not necessary to run the game (obviously Steam and Rockstar launchers are necessary). then see if the crash still happens.


Thanks for your help, I'v managed to fix the error. I did a little more research into the error and found the program that caused it. The program was Duet display.


Thanks again :)

You're welcome, That's great!