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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Shutdown Locks the PC

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After a clean build of W10, my laptop locks when shutting down, either with the lid open or closed.  I have set the Group Policy values correctly.  One recommendation was to uninstall the ACPI Fixed Features button and reboot.  This solved the problem temporarily, but it came back.  Additional places to look?

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do you mean that you see the lock screen for few seconds before the laptop shuts down?
shut down, not restart or sleep.

also are you using the latest Windows 10 build?
which group policies have you set?


Windows build is 18363.720

GPE settings are the same for with power or on battery

Select Power Button - Shutdown

Select Sleep Button - Sleep

Select the Start menu Power button - Shutdown

Select the lid switch action - Take no action

I am executing shudown.exe /s /t 0 from the desktop.  Results are the same as if I use the Start Menu power button

I uninstalled the ACPI device and rebooted which causes it to be reinstalled.  After this shutdown works OK.  The next time shutdown does not work.

When it does not work the system shuts down, but the light on the power switch stays on.  I have to hold down the power switch till it goes out before I can restart the system.

Do you remember when this started to happen? like after installing an update, driver, a software..?


Had the Best Buy Geek Squad install a SS drive for the original HD and they did a clean install of W10.  That is the genesis of the problem.

I would take it back to them and let them know about the issue. since it's laptop, not all of them support swapping the built in HDD with an SSD, it could be some hardware incompatibility

@HotCakeX Finally found the problem,  Norton Smart Firewall.  Disable this and shutdown works OK.  Has anyone seen this and have an idea as how to address.

Hmm okay that's good, you probably need to contact Norton and tell them about the issue in their software


Working the Norton staff, but what would the shutdown function being doing that the Smart Firewall would block?  Any particular protocol used that is not normally used during Internet communications?

I'm not really sure


Turns out the issue is not related to Norton.  Uninstalled Norton and installed McAfee.  Same issue.  Two excel files are attached.  3-25-Event is when shutdown fails.  The pattern is when the PC has been on for several hours.  Note that after event 50037 the machine goes dead.   The second file is 3-26-Event which shows a normal shutdown.  In this case I booted up the machine and after two minutes shut it down.

So what do you think is causing it?


That is what I would like help in figuring out.



The problem still exists.   I have ruled out any other program because I have run tests after booting up and not starting any apps.   Problem occurs with both Norton and McAfee security suites and occurs when not connected to the Internet.  I have also disabled the firewalls and antivirus features to see if they are the problem; they are not.  Problem does not occur if I shutdown within 60 minutes of booting up, but does occur if I shut down after 75 minutes.   The event log shows only two informational events between startup and shutdown and the event log for the shutdown process is the same for either case.  Are there other logging functions I should be monitoring?


Thanks for any insights.