**No access for elderly user. bill and business critical***

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during password input after system reset 82 yr old had a crash or brownout.  he cant access his account.


pw reset wants to send a text to his landline. we tried to reset it by sending the code to my email which it did,  but after putting in the information without titles for his sent emails  (6 Mo out) we got a message the number of tries was exceeded for today.


we need a workaround.  


His computer is critical for paying his bills and his business

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please take a look at these pages:


You could use recovery methods that are already added to the account, so for example if you had added a recovery Email or phone number to the account, you can only use those and can't use a new one to reset the password, this is to prevent people from resetting someone else's password and gain unauthorized access.

you can contact Microsoft support from here: