How do I backup my bitlocker recovery key

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Hi, I am using Microsoft windows 10 pro and I just noticed that my computer has bitlocker enabled by default, but I don't have the recovery key. I am afraid of losing my important data and I don't have any secondary copy of files. Is there any way to back up the key to safe place and what is the prefer way to store it. I will appreciate if someone will help in this. 


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Hi @iannoronha 

  1. To backup Bitlocker recovery files, please go to Control Panel and open BitLocker Drive Encryption, or right-click on encrypted drive and select Manage Bitlocker.
  2. Find your encrypted drive, and click on Backup your recovery key.
  3. You will have the various options, but I will prefer to save it on your Azure AD account.

I hope these steps could helpful for you. Please share your feedback, do not hesitate to contact me for further assistance, I will welcome all the questions you may have.

@SalmanAhmed Unfortunately this didn't work, I can't see the Azure AD account option but there are other option I shared screen shot.bitlocker options.png

Hi @iannoronha,

As I can see from the screenshot, I would suggest you to save to a USB drive, and then you should save it online on secure cloud such as OneDrive, iCloud, or GDrive. It is not recommended to save recovery file locally. 

@SalmanAhmed I have a text file as recovery, is it safe to store in the email? 

Hi @iannoronha

It is fine to store Bitlocker recovery key in your email, however, I would suggest you to register your computer with Microsoft Account (If computer is not a domain joined) and backup your recovery key on that account. If your computer is a domain joined, you need to contact your system administrator to enforce a policy for the backup on AD (Active Directory).

Thanks for your help, I will check out those suggestions that you gave and come back if I have anymore questions. Thank you

Hi @iannoronha,

I'm glad that the above information was useful for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further assistance, I will welcome all the questions you may have.