Build 1903 and Chrome

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I have done 5 clean installs of build 1903 with over 15 hours of remote support to no avail.

The issue is that the moment Chrome installs the PC freezes. The only recovery is another fresh installation.
A level 2 tech in one remote support session modified something to do with ntkrnl and claimed the PC would be fine. It wasn't.
I really do not know what to do because both me and support are just going round in circles and not getting anywhere.

I can provide details of the hardware if needed but I have all the latest drivers.

Thank you in advance.

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As you mentioned, after the crash the only way to recovery is Fresh Install. If your computer cannot boot normally you may be able to get the log files by booting into safe mode, have you tried this booting the machine via Safe mode?

Have you got any AMD Hardware on the PC? Is it just one specific PC?


Thank you



MS support have had it running once and they looked at the minidump files etc.

The DPC watchdog violation was caused by some problem with ntkrnl which they fixed (they said) and it made no difference.
I have no AMD hardware and it is on just one PC which I built.

  • If you are first time facing this problem, Restart Windows and check this may help.
  • Temporarily disable Antivirus protection And open chrome browser
  • Start Windows clean boot state and open chrome browser, if it performs well then there may any startup conflict causing the problem.

You can try booting your windows in Safe Mode : 


Also, make sure the installed chrome browser is updated. Or you can manually check for an update google chrome following steps below.

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, select the More icon (a vertical line of circles)
  3. Click on help then about google chrome.
  4. Also, you can type chrome://settings/help on the address bar and press enter key
  5. This will automatically check for and install the latest version.
  6. Click Relaunch the browser and check if this performs well.



Chrome browser has own task manager that helps to determine what caused the browser slow.

  • Open google chrome browser
  • select the More icon (a vertical line of circles) at top right,
  • From more tools, select Task manager,
  • Also, you can use the keyboard shortcut, shift + Esc to open chrome task manager.

This will help to determine what caused the browser slow down.


Clear chrome browsing data

Nowadays all internet browsers keep some files in their cache to quickly load the pages when you visit them again. But with regular usage, these caches became huge and that can cause the browser freezing itself.  And clearing browser cache is a good way to fix and speed up browser performance.

  • Click on three dots at top right to bring the menu
  • Click more tools then select clear browsing data,
  • Also, you can use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + shift + Delete to open the same window
  • Select the all-time and click on the clear button
  • Let’s reopen the chrome browser and check if this performs well.

Disable Chrome extensions

Chrome browser may start freezing or crashes if any resource hungry extensions or add-on installed. You may try to disable them and analyze if the browser performs well.

To disable google chrome extension,

  • Open chrome browser,
  • Go to the menu (3 dots at top right)
  • Click on more tools then select extensions,
  • Also, you can type chrome://extensions/ on the address bar to list installed extension list
  • Here Toggle off all installed extensions and check browser performance.

Then turn on one by one to determine which extension causing the issue.




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Thanks I am only installing the OS and the drivers for the MB.
So there is no AV S\W to disable.
I can not access Chromes menu because it crashes before then.
Rebooting will sometimes start the PC but very soon I get either a BSOD and\or " DPC Watchdog Violation"@Akshay_Mane 

Did you tried booting in Safe mode? and accessing your Chrome in a Safe mode? Let me know what happens. 1903 is the update with bugs by Microsoft and they are working on it.


Yes still does not work and the failed install makes the whole system unstable and just turn off,BSOD or lock up after an indefinite time.

The only way I can get the system to run is not installing Chrome at all after a clean OS installation.
I have had it running for 16 hours non stop without re-booting or any other errors.

EDIT Thank you for your reply. Can not run Chrome in safe mode either.