Contacts in Teams not showing work phone number

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Hi together,


I am in the middle of testing Teams with direct routing functionality. During my tests I discovered that the usual "audio call" button I am able to call a Teams member and the mobile number (+43664...) of this person.

The strange thing is that the work number (+43662...) do not show up but is shown on the "contact card".

For a better understanding I added pictures of my problem.

What is wrong configured that the work number isn`t visible at the "audio call" button? How can I change that?


Any helpful feedback appreciated.

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In the contact card you will see numbers from Active Directory. So If you check in Azure Active Directory or Windows Active Directory you can see the number that Teams will show in the contact card. Teams will show Office Phone if that exists, if it is empty like in the example below Mobile phone will be shown instead. If both of them are empty no number will be shown.


Linus Cansby_0-1581080213265.png


The Work number is that the number you assigned to the user in Teams (LineURI)? That is not shown if you don't enter it in Office phone field in AD. So If you want to show the work number in the contact card enter it in the Office phone field, you could create a Powershell script that do that for you.


@Linus CansbyAzure Active Directory is correct maintained with office & mobile number. See the attached screenshot. In Teams at the call button I don`t see any work number only mobile number doesn`t matter if the person has LineURI added or not. This behavior is by all our users.

Yes, you will only see one number there. So if the contact have a mobile phone number in Active Directory you will see that (as you do), if you only have a Office phone number you will see that. Teams will only show one number.

You can vote for this uservoice requesting to show more phone numbers.

Also for the contacts you add to Outlook you can have more than one phone number listed in Teams. You will see these contacts in Teams Calls app under contacts.

@Linus Cansby 

Hi Linus thanks for your information. Is there a possibility to show in Teams the work phone number instead of the mobile number? As you know both numbers (mobile & work) are in AAD available in my company.

No, that is not possible. But it would be good if more numbers (all) were shown in the contact card. Vote for the uservoice and we might get it.

@Linus Cansby 

Ohh thats bad. Anyway I already voted for the feature.

Thanks for your support Linus.