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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Strange issue with Lexmark Universal printers

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I'm testing out UP and for some strange reason, I am the only person that can print on any Lexmark Universal printer.  Everybody else is getting stopped, canceled and pending status.


Even colleagues with printer admin rights like me are getting this error. My jobs just work.


In the client print queue all I see is 'sent to printer' for a pending job, or 'error - sent to printer' for a stopped one.  Is there any logging on the client that could be a little more informative?  


They can print on Canon Generic PCL6 or HP Universal just fine.


I tried changing driver from 'Lexmark Universal v2' to'Lexmark Universal v2 XL'  Makes no difference.  

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@KurtJc Sorry to hear that some of your users are having issues with Lexmark printers.


Since all you're seeing is generic error messages we'll need more information to help you diagnose your issue. If you have a Microsoft support plan, can you please reach out through the applicable portal?


If you don't have a support plan, please let us know.


In the meantime, since you mentioned changing drivers, have you seen this guidance? Please take a look at those instructions and ensure you're following them when you change the driver.



Yeah I restarted the service when changing driver.  Even completely removed the printer on the server and in UP blade and recreated.


Concerning support, the link just redirects to Azure Support for me, and there is no Universal Print in the list of services to choose from..



@KurtJc If you don't have an Azure subscription then the Universal Print option will not be shown. In that case open a Azure support case and in the description specify that your case needs to be routed to the Universal Print team. You can private message me your case number and I can find it that way as well.