Print Job Aborted E_ACCESSDENIED_

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Hello together,
I have set up several printers. One of them won't work. The print job is transmitted and moves out of the queue. In the Azure Universal Print Portal it is first set to "Processing" and then to "Aborted".

I have found the following information in the event logs:

1: Information Print Connector ID 2
Successfully validated and merged the print ticket for job 49.
Conflict status: NoConflict

2: Error Print Connector ID 2

Print job with id 49 and spooler job id 0 failed with error E_ACCESSDENIED_2. Printer: Printer: XX_Printer
Cloud ID: 5e9f4xfe-414f-4xxx-8bb8-071xxxxxf1e4


3: Information Print Connector ID 3

Job attributes update for job Testseite with id 49 are being updated. Latest job status from the spooler: Error
Attribute Group: JobAttributes
Attribute generated-natural-language-supported - Multiple Values:

Attribute ipp-versions-supported - Multiple Values:

Attribute job-id: SimpleIppValue-Type:Integer-Value:49

Attribute output-device-job-state-reasons: SimpleIppValue-Type:Keyword-Value:aborted-by-system

Attribute output-device-job-state: SimpleIppValue-Type:Enum-Value:8

Attribute output-device-job-state-message: SimpleIppValue-Type:TextWithoutLanguage-Value:Aborted

Attribute microsoft-output-device-job-state-message: SimpleIppValue-Type:TextWithoutLanguage-Value:ErrorCode: -2147024891
Impersonation: Enabled
AzureAdJoined : NO
EnterpriseJoined : NO
DomainJoined : YES



Any idea to get this resolved? Or further Logs needed?

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@Alexander Fetscher Thanks for collecting logs!


We'll need more information to help you diagnose your issue. If you have a Microsoft support plan, can you please reach out through the applicable portal?


If you don't have a support plan, please let us know and we can try to help you here.

Hey @Braeden_Petruk_MSFT ,

support case fails because the subscription is a donation. Would be great if you could support here.

best response confirmed by Saurabh_Bansal (Microsoft)

@Alexander Fetscher Unfortunately we need the support to get involved to help collect diagnostic logs and get the troubleshooting information.


You can try updating the connector to latest version:

@Saurabh_Bansal The Connector Update resolved the Access denied issue.

@Alexander Fetscher - Awesome! Thx for confirming.

@Saurabh_Bansal are there change logs / fixed issues for new connector versions somewhere?