Error while printing using universal print

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So we installed the print connector and assigned permission to users on the azure portal. We are able to sucessfully sent a print job to the printer, however the job gets stuck in the queue with the message  undr status "Sent to Printer" on the local print queue and "Pending" on the azure portal. The option "Printer is accepting jobs" is greyed out and blank. Please hlep.



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@Chetanh This issue will need further investigation and we request you file a support request. Support request can be created using one of the following (based on your Support plan with Microsoft):


Did you get a fix to this as I am seeing the same thing?

How to Job create Show on printer queue

My print queue not show job after create. Do you help me a solution ?





is the Print Connector installed on a device which is joined to your local AD (the synced one)? 


If not I think you have a impersonation error. Collect the UP connector logs and search for Event ID 2 in the LocalConnectorLog.

@Phillipp Clausing 
Thank for your answer, But I don't know it. 
Step 1 : I install PrinterConnector On window 
Step 2 : I add my physical printer on window printer & device
Step 3 : I register my printer to Universal Print by Printer Connector 
It successfully, But when I create a print  Job on my app, It show on Azure but not show on Physical printer Queue.
Can you help me ?



Nope. I tried to open a ticket but the microsoft website redirected me to our local reseller who would not have much idea on a preview product.

We are looking at other options like printlogic.

This one is like other MS products very easy on paper but never works as expected.

@Chetanh - can you confirm the process you followed to open the support ticket? Did you try any of the three channels mentioned in the post earlier? 


Copy-pasting the ways to file support ticket:


If you had a problem filing a case using any of the three options, please let us know.







Yes, they are all ultimately referring us to the reseller of our Microsoft product who i think will have no clue on how to make this work as it is such a new product. I haven't heard back from them.

If you can help me directly then that would be awesome.  


@Chetanh If your support options all take you to your reseller, ask them to open a support ticket with Microsoft Azure support and reference Universal Print. That should get your case to the support team handling Universal Print issues. If you are able to open an Azure support case directly, ask to be routed to the Universal Print support team. 



The only way for us to reach them is to send an email and open a ticket which i did. I dont know if they have reached out to Microsoft. I will ask them to reach out to you guys

@Chetanh if you can, have them request access to Azure - Universal Print

I see this issue from time to time. For me the fix is to reboot the printer. When it comes back up and reconnects to the Universal Print Server, the jobs start flowing. I wonder if a network blip causes the disconnect.