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This is to enquire about the MD-102: Endpoint Administrator Associate program.

We are a Silver learning partner and currently delivering a Modern Desktop Administrator course (MD-100 and MD-101), with a total of 80 Hours.

However, MD-102: Endpoint Administrator Associate is just 40 Hours as mentioned in the course web page.


With reference to your announcement that the Endpoint Administrator Associate program is the new version of MDA, you have combined the two exams in one exam.

According to our experience of delivering MDA, the 80 hours is barely enough to complete the preparation for the exams considering the below reasons:

  • The level of the English language, in Bahrain the mother language is Arabic, so some students need more attention to understand the content.
  • Our policies require us to measure the learners’ development and performance, so we are assigning Pre-tests, quizzes, and assessments in order to measure the learners’ progressive performance.
  • We Include more Practical sessions. Using internal activities and Skillable online lab.
  • Using different training methods such as group Discussions, research, practice, scenarios, etc.
  • Catering for learners of different ability levels.


We asked our regulating authority (Ministry of labour) to approve the new course for a total number of 80 hours but they refused so and they asked us to provide a supportive document that can justify our request.


Hence, we kindly request you to support us with a response that can allow us to allocate 80 hours for the course considering the points mentioned above.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you.



Regal Gulf Training Center


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I replied via DM but want to share that message here as well as it may be helpful to others:

We do not have a maximum number of hours for our courses. Based on what you've outlined in your message you are adding considerable services (language, validation) which extends the length of time needed to deliver. While we do not permit shortening the courses and still calling it "official" Microsoft training, we have no such policy on lengthening. You can add what makes sense for your business / audience.

I also want to mention that MD-102 Endpoint Administrator is not a 1-1 replacement for MD-100/101 Modern Desktop Administrator. The new MD-102: Endpoint Administrator is more aligned with the employment market and is a 5 day course specific to the exam.