PL-100 - Issue with labs due to missing trial licenses by Microsoft

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We had a challenge with a PL-100 class that we were delivering last  week in Europe.

There was an issue our instructor already had when preparing the lab – he then reached out to the ALH support and they could help fix this for him, so we felt it was all good for the course. Now two weeks later in the class the students had the same issue.


According to the ALH support team/product manager this is an issue that Microsoft currently has in providing Power Apps trial licenses – which is really concerning me as we were not aware and it does heavily influence the training delivery experience (also making us look bad)


Have you been experiencing this in the past and will this continue ? Is this a known issue and which classes/labs might be concerned ? Have you been looking into this ? 


Short answer from ALH ( happy to provide more if needed) 

We have determined that Microsoft is currently failing to provision Power Apps trial licenses in the EU region. By default, labs are hosted in the location nearest the user, and thus your class' lab instances have been subject to the Microsoft issue just mentioned.


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Have you or anyone else experienced issues provisioning Power Apps trial licenses outside of the labs? Would getting students signed up for the Power Apps developer plan work as an interim solution?

@NicolaKeskin Hello --


Thank you for reaching out. I am checking directly with our Lab Operations team to see if there's any other information I can provide.


I apologize for the lab issues with the deliveries of PL-100.


I'll provide an update soon. Thank you!

Thank you Mindy, this would really be great! I also have a comment from SKILLABLE who was our lab hoster on how their hands were bound on this and that I might have to reach out to you./ your team



I greatly apologize for the delay. This reply was still in my draft posts, and never went live.


Thank you for this information, the Lab Operations team is still looking into this and also ensuring that this will not happen again with other labs.


But for PL-100, there is currently not a resolution in the pipeline. If I have any other updates, I will let you know.


Thank you!