New Title Plan & MS 203 replacement

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can anyone lead me to the updated titleplan after the last LPCC? I can only find that dated July, 31.


Where can I get more info on the MS203 replacement?


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Mario Fuchs

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Hello, Mario --


A forum post was made a few days ago about the Monthly Title Plan, found here: URGENT: Monthly Title Plan Maintenance - Microsoft Community Hub


And I actually just made a post/announcement about MS-203 and other impacted Business Application courses, found here: Business Applications: ANNOUCEMENTS/UPDATES - Microsoft Community Hub


Thank you!

Helli Mindy, hello Mario,

the replacement for MS-203 is October 31,2023. We have a big problem with this date, because we have at November 13,2023 seven students in our course.
Could the date for the course and exam be moved to 12/31/2023 so that we don't lose customers here to Microsoft Messaging.

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Gabriela Bücherl
I have read through the blog posts, but do not see information pertaining to the replacement for MS-203. Would you be able to point me to the replacement course?



Hello -- thanks for your question!


Currently there is not a replacement course that we can announce. But great net new courses in the new year will be coming your way to support upcoming course retirements. As per the blog that was shared, it does make a few small callouts regarding that this course needs to be updated to be aligned with the current job role expectations. Also, calling out that they are investing in new exams, certs and training to meet the needs of today's workplace.



Once there is more information to share, we certainly will. I apologize for any inconvenience to future planning of course deliveries this may cause. But MS-203 will be available till end of year, and the team is hoping to have information and support out providing you with what's to come.


Thank you