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1-Day ILT Course Delivery (There is currently no exam/cert for this ILT Course)


  • AI Labs will require an OpenAI Service approved Azure subscription.
  • We strongly recommend labs be performed and demonstrated by Trainers only.
  • Trainers must submit their Azure subscription for OpenAI Service governance approval. Trainers will only need to request/gain approval once, for all future use. Request form can be found here:
  • Learners can apply for OpenAI Service approval with their own Azure subscription and perform lab steps on their own, once they are approved.  
  • Further details on the restricted access policy can be found here:




Additional information: 


  • Azure OpenAI requires registration and approval of your Azure subscription.

As part of Microsoft's commitment to responsible AI, we are designing and releasing Azure OpenAI Service, with the intention of protecting the rights of individuals and society, as well as fostering transparent human-computer interaction. For this reason, we currently limit the access and use of Azure OpenAI, which is why registration and governance approval is required.


  • We are strongly recommending that AI-050 labs be performed and demonstrated by only the Trainer during class.

Approval can take several days to complete. As demand for AI services increases, we worry that Learners will have a degraded experience if they can’t be approved in time for the class. If you intend to deliver this course, please have your Trainers register for OpenAI services through this link  well in advance of the scheduled delivery time. 


The labs steps are available on GitHub and if Learners want to get approved for the OpenAI services they are able to and use the lab steps for self-study.

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"We strongly recommend labs be performed and demonstrated by Trainers only." - why? please explain.

Also why does the MCT need to complete 25 questions every time they want to teach this course? Surely there is a better way.

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Hi Andrew --


Thanks for reaching out. 


Regarding your first question, there is additional information provided below in the post which gives more context if needed, that explains this reasoning. Please see below:


For your second question, filling out the form to request approval for OpenAI Services with your Azure subscription is for all future uses, once approved. I apologize if the information posted caused any confusion, I updated that part, to mitigate any further confusion. 




Thank you for questions, have a great rest of your week. 


Excellent! Thanks, Mindy!:call_me_hand:

Hi @Mindy_Allison 


I sent my request more than 2 weeks ago. I never received an email of confirmation.


How can I know what is the status of my Azure account to be able to deliver this course?





Hi Raul --


I apologize for the delay, but I didn't get a notification for this question. 


Did you go to the support link found in the post?