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Hi Microsoft Team, 


We are facing issues in multiple countries to create Achievement Codes for our class deliveries next week. 

We are unable to click to Courses in Learn as it constantly jumped back to Learning Paths. 

Can you please help ASAP? 

Thanks Diana

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We also discovered that the Learn site is not work correctly since this morning. 

Especially the Course browse (Search) functionality appears broken.


MS Learning may have a additional advice, but we have been using these two workarounds for the currently non-functioning Course Search today.

A) Use the Course URL sheet from the monthly PRS spreadsheet to go directly to the Course home page containing the Request Achievement Code button.

- Example:

B) Instead of the Course browser, use the general Search page on Learn at this URL:

and then search for "course az-400" (without the quotes), and click the result link that starts with "Course AZ-400T00".


Hope that helps.

Ronald Beekelaar  |  Virsoft Solutions  |

Perfect! Thank you so much Ronald!

HI team,

We are being affected by this issue and cant create Achievement codes for the classes next week
We have tried the workaround you provided, but still cant see a way to create achievement codes

Can we get an update please?

We have resolved our issue ourselves. I dont think it is connected to above
thank you
Can you share how you fixed the problem in case others come across this same issue? Thank you!